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By: Marshallino Beukes – Rehoboth

A letter for guarantee (supposedly issued by the Rehoboth Town Council), which surfaced on social media, Facebook, last week, has infuriated Rehoboth residents.
The letter states that the Rehoboth town council gave a guarantee that should a developer (Jaquin Consulting Agency and Developers cc) fail to refund or pay back the full amount of (US$6.5 million), they (Council) will “take full responsibility and repay the full amount plus interest.”

After facing the heat on social media, the Rehoboth town council conducted a special meeting the next day and issued an urgent notice on social media via the office of their Chief Executive Officer, Simeon Kanime, stating that the letter is “devoid of any truth.” The notice further warns the general public, in particular financial institutions, to not accept the letter of guarantee addressed to Stanford Lukas (Jaquin Consulting Agency and developers cc).

The council also claimed that they have never approved such a guarantee letter at any council meeting; therefore, such a guarantee could not have been issued from the council, more specifically the office of the mayor, as the letter purports.
The letter in question was signed by the deputy mayor, Lelanie Uiras, but it is alleged that her signature was forged. The official stamp of the mayor was also used on the letter.

The council also said that the application for 71.7 hectares of townlands was not approved by them, and no guarantee was offered. However, in an official letter from the council, provided to this reporter by the developer, Stanford Lukas of Jaquin Consulting Agency and Developers cc, dated 06 May 2021, it is stated that “the Council of Rehoboth, at its Ordinary Council meeting held on 29 April 2021, resolved to approve your application for land.” (Under conditions). The letter also indicates that ministerial approval will be requested.
Another official council letter, dated 08 August 2021, indicates that the 71.7 hectares are offered to Jaquin Consulting Agency and Developers cc for N$58 per m² plus an administrative fee of N$1250.00, totalling N$41 587 250.00. This was subjected to ministerial approval.

According to Lukas, the ministerial approval was put on hold since then and not rejected, as the Rehoboth town council is claiming. Inquiries to the Rehoboth town council’s public relations officer, Desire Theunissen in this regard proved futile. Only the “urgent notice” was provided.

Julia Heita

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