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By: Hellen Andreas 

The rainfall that showered the northern part of the country [WHEN] has finally brought hope among farmers.

Farmers in the four 0-Regions (Omusati, Oshana, Ohangwena and Oshikoto) and Kunene were concerned about an alarming drought situation approaching the end of January with the regions only insufficient rainfall at the beginning of December last year.

Crop farmers were worried that the planting season as time was going. Those who planted their crops started wilting, while animal farmers had nothing to feed their animals.

Kunene Regional council chairperson Hendrick Goabaeb said the region had recorded a good rain this week.

Goabaeb further said that although most of the region has been hit hard by the drought, there is hope for them this year.

“Most parts of the region record good rains, and due to the drought situation and the planting season time is going, the crop farmers harvest might not be sufficient, ” he said.

Goabaeb stressed that the drought has severely affected the grazing areas, and the number of animals in the region has reduced, mostly cattle that died due to the drought.

Constituencies affected by drought in the Kunene region; Epupa, Opuwo urban, Opuwo rural, Khorihax and Sesfontein constituency, especially the Northern part of the region. 

“The government is providing animal fodder to the farmers affected by drought in the region to feed their animals,” Goabaeb said.

Paulina Paulus from Onalulago village in the Oshikoto region said they started ploughing at the beginning of December last. She has hope if it continues to pour, they will have a good harvest.

“We don’t provide for ourselves. God blesses us, and we have hope the rain will be sufficient enough to cultivate and harvest,” she said. 

Paulus urged all the crop farmers in the Northern parts of Namibia to put more effort into cultivation and produce their food.

“Some Namibian citizens who work in the Mahangu field fail to work hard, some only depending on the government’s drought relief. We should meet our government halfway and work on food security in our country.”

Outapi constituency councillor Immanuel Shikongo said most of the Omusati region had recorded good rain, especially in rural areas.

“Recent weeks, our people have been facing the water crisis, and after receiving some showers, it has brought more relief to all crops and animal farmers,” Shikongo said.


Julia Heita

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