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Protestors Should Not Take Laws Into Own Hands

By: Annakleta Haikera

The Kavango East regional council chairperson has urged the Mashare Constituency community not to take laws into their own hands.

This follows after the community threatened to shut down the council offices last week.

The group had accused its councillor, Filiphus Mavara, of incompetency and failing to perform his duties since he had been sworn in.

Damian Maghambayi, the chair, said the community should instead adhere to the country’s laws and abstain from locking down the constituency’s office.

“I advised that the community should adhere to the country’s laws and not take matters into their own hands. Article 21 of the Namibia Constitution provides for fundamental freedom to all persons in Namibia, and such right should be exercised in accordance with the laws of Namibia.”

Additionally, he also urged the community of Mashare to stay calm and address the concerns with his office in a peaceful manner.

“The community should peacefully address their concerns,” said Maghambayi on Tuesday during a press conference by the regional council.

He also said a letter addressed to him on Monday regarding this issue was not signed and had no name.

“The letter informed me of the dispute the community members have with the director of the commercial farm unit for blueberries, and the same community have concerns with the regional councillor, Filiphus Mavara, whom they accused of failing to bring the needed development,” he said.

Maghambayi said Mavara was elected as the regional councillor for the Mashare constituency in the Kavango East region in terms of the Namibian Constitution to perform his duties and functions as per the powers enshrined therein.

“It is within this background that in my capacity as the chairperson of the Kavango East Regional Council and as contemplated in Section 18A of the Regional Council Act, specifically subsection (d), which requires me to be accountable to the government and the inhabitants of the region regarding any matter, be it political or development,” Maghambayi said

Mavara said not all the community members took part in the protest held last week Friday.

He added that the community did not share the problems they faced with his office.

According to Mavara, the demonstration was planned by people who did not want to see him as a regional councillor of the Mashare Constituency. “I think there is more to it than just a protest by angry community members. I also think these people are being brainwashed or influenced by someone who does not like to see me as a councillor,” Mavara said.

Another demonstration will take place on Thursday, 28 April, at the Mashare Constituency. However, a venue is not yet known.

Julia Heita

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