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By: Ludorf Iyambo

Khomas regional commander Ismael Basson has warned parents not to allow their children to buy muffins and cakes in the street and at school as drug dealers are cooking brownies with cannabis oil.

This comes after the police, on Tuesday week, arrested Fritz Maurus Isaacks (28), in possession of Cannabis brownies, valued at N$ 300.00 at a house in Windhoek North residential area.

Isaacks is out on bail of N$500.00, and his case has been postponed to 29 March.

Basson said that children have to be monitored and be careful.

“When they find someone selling cakes at school or in the street, don’t buy because it might be something else. You will not notice it immediately, but it may start having the effects as you go along the way because it’s high, and it will take you high,” said the Commissioner.

Basson further said that the level of drug dealers is becoming very advanced now.

“They are doing everything to make sure that the core of society is broken down or disrupted, and that is the boy child and a girl child of this country. This is meant for the children. They are the most targeted because these brownies are sweet, and children will always want more. So parents must be conscious about this.”

Basson said that cannabis oil can be used in many ways and still have the same effects.

“We are told that you can apply this oil on the body, drink it, or eat them in the form of brownies, but it has the same effect as smoking. So that is how dangerous it is, making society more vulnerable.”

The President of the Ganja Users of Namibia, Brian Jaftha, said that his organisation doesn’t promote cannabis for underage children. He said Ganja Users of Namibia is not for people who break the law.

“That is very wrong because it’s psychedelic, so for children under age to use it, it may have to be under the parents’ consent,” Jaftha told The Villager.

The legalisation of cannabis promoter further said that the prohibition of cannabis now means that businesses are promoting it in the black market.

“If the government can take away the prohibition, then we can have it regulated and take care of it, but for now, the government created the black market with the ban.

People are starting the black market because the government doesn’t have a say in it accept putting people in jail without having a proper plan.”

Cannabis brownies, sometimes called edibles, are famous in countries where cannabis has been legalised, such as the USA.

Julia Heita

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