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By: Uakutura Kambaekua – Okangwati

Police in the Kunene region have deployed their search and rescue unit to the Omuhonga River in areas of Okangwati River, where a woman reportedly drowned on Tuesday around 22h00.

Kunene police regional commander commissioner James Nderura stated that the incident happened yesterday evening. It is alleged that a woman attempted to cross the raging river on her way to Orotjirindi from Okangwati. However, Nderura mentioned that the police couldn’t establish if the woman was still alive or not as the search is still ongoing.

The regional commander said that since the onset of river flows in the region starting January, no drowning incidents have been reported, with this being the first.

Nderura also noted that the search and rescue team is still waiting for the water to simmer down in order for them to enter the river, while another has also been deployed along the river to search for the missing woman.

“The police Search and Rescue Team, together with other external roleplayers, are currently hard at work to search for the missing woman. Our search continues.”

The police chief further cautioned the community to desist from crossing running rivers, adding that the regional community affairs officials are under strict restrictions on warning community members of the dangers of river crossing while running awareness campaigns on various platforms to warn and advise communities on the risks of flowing rivers.

Various rivers in the Kunene region have been declared dangerous during the rainy season and has thus claimed more lives than most rivers in the country.

Julia Heita

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