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Pohamba Shifeta Entangled In Love-Triangle Storm

By: Justicia Shipena

Swapo’s Windhoek Rural District coordinator John Elago claims that environment and tourism minister and Swapo member Pohamba Shifeta has a love triangle that is causing havoc to the activities in his area.

Elago said this in a letter addressed to the party’s secretary-general Sophia Shaningwa on 24 May 2022, requesting Shifeta to recuse himself from Windhoek’s rural activities.

In the letter, he said that Shifeta is involved in a love relationship with two women from his Windhoek Rural district, being the Elisenheim and Getrude Kandaga branches, respectively.

According to him, on 11 May 2022, Swapo member Naftali Kambungu requested him to assist in hosting a dinner at his house in Groot Aub.

“This was for a female Cde from Ghana attending the NANSO Congress,” he said.

He added that amongst the delegates who attended that dinner was one of Shifeta’s alleged girlfriend, who also happened to be the mother of his child.

Three days later, Elago said he was informed that the two girlfriends, the mother of Shifeta’s child and the other girlfriend, were involved in a confrontation in Elisenheim Estate in one of the “girlfriend’s” flat complexes.

“Because honourable minister Shifeta was found inside the flat of the other girlfriend. In the process, the Elisenheim security was involved, the City Police, and there was property damage,” he explained.

He added that, after the commotion, it is alleged that Shifeta claimed that Elago was having an affair with the mother of his child.

“Because she visited my house in Groot Aub and that I am the reason why the two ladies are fighting,” he said.

He stated that Shifeta is allegedly defaming his character.

“He alleges that I am a criminal, not trustworthy and a useless person. He also alleged that I tried reaching to him on this affair issue,” he said.

He added that Shifeta ignored him and vowed to destroy him and his political career.

“As a result, I am fearing for my life.”

In this line, he requested Shaningwa to facilitate the recusal of the Shifeta as there would be a conflict of interest.

Shifeta is the chairperson of the leaders assigned to the Khomas region’s Windhoek Rural district Getrude Kandanga branch and the Elisenheim section.

“What happened in Elishemheim is just some of the incidents coming. I have been a victim of this guy’s system since ever,” said Elago.

He further said leaders assigned to regions are constantly misusing their powers.

“I don’t know why they target certain people and certain regions. But this time around, I just thought I must ask the SG so that she can tell him to recuse himself from whatever process is coming up,” he told The Villager.

Meanwhile, Shifeta says Elago had come to him stating that he wanted to drive for the regional coordinator position.

“He was probably looking for support. I told him I was just a chairman assigned to a region. I don’t decide who is supposed to be a coordinator for the region,” he said.

He stated that after Elago approached him, he claimed that he was not supporting him.

“Those are Swapo internal things. On the other hand, where he is trying to be dramatic, I do not understand that if there was such a thing, what does it have to do with him and me rescuing myself?” he questioned.

Shifeta stressed that there is no connection between what Ealgo is alleging and his position as the chairperson.

“I have nothing to do with him. I have nothing against him. When I arrived as the chairman for the region in 2020, that comrade has already an issue.”

He added that Elago was raising that he didn’t want him in the first meeting they had.

Moreover, he said national assigned leaders have nothing to do with regions apart from advising and observing issues happening in the regions.

He said they don’t get involved in their regions or the elections in this vein.

Shifeta also said there is no competition between national leaders and those at the regional or district level.

“I don’t understand the allegations by the comrade. For that matter, I don’t even know him to say I stooped so low to go to the district level.”

Messages in possession of The Villager show that the two had a conversation regarding the matter.

A message indicates Elago writing to Shifeta requesting a meetup.

“Good afternoon my senior. I would like to schedule for an appointment with you, at your suitable time please. on a urgent basis. thank you [sic].”

Another shows Shifeta stating he would be out of office: “Good afternoon cde. I m now out of the office till the end of June. I will be available in June.”

Elago then responded by saying: “Massage well received my senior, I would sincerely like to apologise for any inconvenience that might have originated from my side, hence foreseeing that June is quite far, especially with the ongoing tensions,” he said.

He said he hoped to iron out a few things that he believes are defaming both of them in the message.

“Issue number one being the circulation of Ms Albertina’s picture yesterday by cde Etuna Joshua at last night’s event, where he told the audience that I am in an affair with her, I find that very disturbing because she is someone I just got to meet through her Uncle who invited her at the event that was at my house,” he wrote.

Elago aired that she and ‘Albertina’ had paths again at “pelican”.

“But that was on the basis that she was with the woman I am dating and another friend. It is very bad that people could overlook reality for their own selfish gains, a tactic I am seeing is being put in place to create tension between us,” the message reads.

The message concluded that he was disturbed by the stories about the issue.

“Another issue I find very disturbing is the ongoing stories that certain individuals are being instructed by you my senior to write defaming letters against me, I have so much respect for you, and really thought it would be good if we set [sic] and discussed this as many are now using it for their own personal campaign strategy at the expense of defaming the both of us.”

Justicia Shipena

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