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By:Julia Heita

Outjo girlfriend-killer Robert Funny Useb (24) was found guilty of murder with intent by High Court Judge Naomi Shivute on Thursday.

Useb stabbed his girlfriend, Selma Khamuxus, five times on 29 March 2019 at a bar in Outjo.

According to Shivute, considering the merits and demerits of the State’s case, Useb’s version and probabilities show a conclusion that state witnesses gave their evidence in a straightforward


“They did not deviate from their versions.”

Shivute said the witnesses corroborated each other in some material respects and found them credible.

In 2019, Useb pleaded not guilty, saying he did not stab Khamuxus.

He had also said he did not see how Khamuxus sustained injuries and that Khamuxus might have been stabbed by one of the witness’ uncles.

In her ruling, Shivute said Useb’s version has been rejected because it is not supported by evidence and is far-fetched.

“This court is satisfied that the accused stabbed the deceased because of jealousy after she stated that she was longing for one, Gaiseb and because Aukhumeb gave her money,” said Shivute.

According to the Judge, Useb stabbed Khamuxus with an Okapi knife.

“She sustained five stab wounds. The deceased was stabbed on the chest, which is a vulnerable part of the body.”

According to the post-mortem report presented before the court, Khamuxus was stabbed several times.

A medical report also indicated that the cause of death was hypovolemic shock due to multiple stab wounds.

In this vein, Shivute said that Useb evidently had the intention to kill her.

“The intention is direct. In the final analysis, the court is satisfied that the State has proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

One of the seven state witnesses, Goddy Lambert, testified that Khamuxus and the accused were in a romantic relationship. On the day of the incident, Lambert and Khamuxus were together at Gugu Bar.

Jackson Aukhumeb, another State witness, testified that Khamuxus had asked him for money. After that, Useb approached him and asked if they were involved in a relationship.

“Useb told me I was taking him for a joke.”

Another witness, Selma Nowases, said Khamuxus came running from outside the yard, and Useb was behind her.

“He started to stab her, and she fell in front of the gate.”

The case was postponed to 30 March 2022 for sentencing, and Useb remains in custody.

Julia Heita

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