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Otujo Police Allegedly Refuse To Release Prisoner Because “Ovambo People Are Stubborn”

By: Hertha Ekandjo

Kristine Nghilengwa, a sister to Likius Ndinoshili, a transporter who was arrested in May 2022 in Outjo, says that her brother did nothing wrong but remains locked up.

In an interview with The Villager, Nghilengwa stressed that the police have no evidence against her brother.

She said a police officer from Outjo who goes by the name ‘Nyambee’ refused to release her brother (Ndinoshili).

This was upon her visiting the police station in Outjo, followed by alleged tribal remarks of the police officer stating, ‘Ovambo people are stubborn’.

Ndinoshili was arrested for transporting fugitives who allegedly carried stolen solar panels to a nearby farm in the area.

According to her, the so-called officer ‘Nyambee’ forced Ndinoshili to tell him who the fugitives were who managed to escape before getting arrested.

“How is my brother supposed to know who the two fugitives are if he is just a transporter, transporting them as customers,” she stressed.

She narrated that her brother is just a driver who operates a transporting business for people who travel from town to town and is no criminal.

She added that her brother gave a lift to two men from Outjo to a farm near Outjo.

Not long after Ndinoshili dropped the two fugitives about 10 kilometres from Kamanjab, she claims her brother received a call from the police in disguise, pretending to be one of the fugitives.

Nghilengwa explained that Ndinoshili asked why they were calling him to pick them up if he had just dropped them off, where they directed him not long ago.

She added that when Ndinoshili arrived where he dropped the two men, he was surprised by what he found; the police.

“He then got arrested, as the police allegedly claimed that he should tell them the truth about his involvement in stealing solar panels that his two customers carried,” she said.

“Ndinoshili was arrested in May 2022 and was supposed to attend his bail hearing application on 10 June 2022 but was refused a bail hearing.”

Nghilengwa further said Ndinoshili’s bail application had been postponed to September 2022 since the police said no magistrate was available.

“There was nothing found in my brother’s car. The police brought the car, and it’s parked here at home,” said Nghilengwa.

She further claims that she was denied the chance to see him when she went to visit her brother.

She added that the police insisted that she tells them who the fugitives were because she is related to Ndinoshili.

“He ‘Nyambee’ forced me to give him information, saying that I might know the two men,” she explained.

Furthermore, she complained that one could not be kept in custody for no reason, adding that they have no evidence linking her brother to the alleged stolen solar panels.

“He threatened not to take my brother’s docket to the magistrate if I don’t give him information. He was even trying to propose to me,” she expressed.

When The Villager reached out to the police’s regional commander in the Kunene region, commissioner James Nderura for comment, he said he was not in the area. He also said he was unaware of this incident.

Hertha Ekandjo

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