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OTA Says Uutoni Has Plans To Hijack Its Leadership

By: Ludorf Iyambo

Ovaherero Traditional Authority (OTA) says the urban and rural development minister, Erastus Uutoni has external forces trying to insinuate and hijack its leadership.

The authority said this on Monday upon handing over a petition to the urban and rural development ministry in Windhoek.

According to them, Uutoni would use his external forces for political interests, which are hostile to the Ovaherero interests.

Speaking on behalf of the traditional authority, Ruben Rukambe Uazukuani said that the recent conduct of the ministry had convinced them that Uutoni is wittingly or unwittingly is part of the external forces that seek to destabilise the Ovaherero community.

“We feel compelled to warn you that we shall not accept such interference. The leader of the Ovaherero people shall not be imposed on us by any government,” said Rukambe.

This comes after the urban and rural development minister had made it clear that there was no designated chief of the OTA. Meanwhile, the High Court recently ruled that Professor Mutjinde Katjiua lacked locus standi to have brought an application as Paramount Chief of the OTA.

The OTA has asked the government not to interfere with the Ovaherero traditional matters.

It further asked the government to accept and respect the decisions taken at the adequately constituted meetings of the chief’s council, both at Onderombapa and the latest one in Windhoek on 24 April 2022.

At the meeting, the chiefs council recalled that in the aftermath of the sad passing of Ombara Otjitambiona, Tumbee Tjombe, it appointed Ombara Tjipene Keja as Acting Paramount Chief and appointed Ombara Vipuira Kapuuo to the honorific and titular role of Chairman of the Chiefs Council.

Moreover, the OTA has asked Uutoni to stop persistent attempts to impound the government vehicle allocated to the Ovaherero traditional authority.

It further demands that Uutoni not hold back the funds allocated to OTA.

“OTA is a recognised authority, like others in Namibia, and thus is entitled to the finishing quota funds of N$ 176 000 you are withholding and the N$9 000 meant for fueling the vehicle allocated to OTA,” Uazukuani said.

Adding that: Your attempts to impose chief Kapuuo on the Ovaherero people because of his mere horrific and titular position of chairman of the chiefs council from which the chiefs council has now suspended him has failed miserably.”

During the demonstration, OTA stated that the same oppression they had with the South African and German governments is the same issue they have with the Namibia government.

According to Uazukuani, the government wants to impose someone on OTA as a leader; meanwhile, the Ovaherero people choose their leader.

“We have chosen Professor Mutjinde Katjiua as our new Paramount Chief of Obara Oshitambi. The government doesn’t want to recognise our leader. The OTA stated it categorically clear that the community have the right to choose who they want to lead them,” said Uazukuani.

In a petition submitted to the ministry of urban and rural development, the OTA claims that the German colonial government, through its governor Theodor Leutwein imposed Samuel Maharero on the Ovaherero in 1892 and, as part of the plot, planned the execution of Mbahahiza Nikodemus Kavikunua and chief Kahinemua Nguvauva in 1896.

The petition claimed that as a result, those ‘shenanigans’ had caused a rift and disunity amongst the Herero people.

The petition also states that after the death of Hosea Kutako in 1970, the South African colonial government was caught in its tracks with its attempt to impose their preferred candidate of a new Paramount chief on the Ovaherero leadership.

It further said the intended imposition was averted when the chief’s council appointed Clemens Kapuuo as paramount chief within 48 hours of Hosea’s passing.

Natalia /Goagoses accepted the petition on behalf of Uutoni. ” I shall make sure that this petition is handed over to the minister of urban and rural development and his team to study it carefully and appropriately. Let the peace prevails among us and whenever we discuss these secret matters, let the almighty guide this processes,” said Goagoses.


Julia Heita

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