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Osona Village Introduces ‘Osona Express’

By: Hertha Ekandjo 

Osona village introduces ‘Osona Express’, a daily commuter bus between Windhoek and Osona Village, at a price comparable to public transport in Windhoek.

Osona Village is situated next to the B1 road, about 10km to Okahandja and 58km to Windhoek.

Osona`s marketing consultant for preferred land development holdings Sebastian Kamungu, says most of the people living in the village work in Windhoek, which was an extra cost for them to travel every day from there to their workplaces.

“With the increase in fuel prices, it becomes more urgent that we introduce the Osona express,” said Kamungu.

He noted that residents of Osona sometimes shared transport. “One person drivers the other this week with their car, and the other drives them the following week”.

According to him, the bus became a viable option because of the transport cost between Windhoek and Osona.

Kamungu noted that the cost of the bus per month would be around N$900 per month, which is similar to the monthly taxi fair for those living in Windhoek.

“Considering the distance, it is comparable to taxis here in Windhoek. The idea was to find an affordable way of transport,” he explained.

Moreover, he stated that the bus would operate daily, increasing its sales and making life easier and affordable for Osona residents.

He noted that the bus in operation would help change the thoughts of those who wanted to give up the plan of buying a house in Osona due to logistic issues.

Furthermore, the marketing consultant mentioned that Osona express currently has two 16-seater buses on the road.

“We look forward to introducing other buses as well. At the moment, the buses only leave Osona early in the Morning and return later in the Afternoon,” Kamungu highlighted.

He emphasized that they would soon introduce more buses operating throughout the day at different time slots.

According to him, the buses have daily, weekly and monthly tickets. 

Osona Express daily tickets cost N$55, weekly N$250 and monthly N$900.

“What a lot of lawyers are looking at now is actually to buy bus tickets for their employees. We are getting several requests in that regard,” he expressed.

Osona village residents spent approximately N$110 to and from Windhoek on daily public transport.

Hertha Ekandjo

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