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Oshakati Wants Over N$200 Million

By: Eba Kandovazu

The Oshakati Town council yesterday tabled its N$ 204 121 701 budget for the financial year of 2022/2033, in which it said N$32.5 million is intended for the construction services in Oshakati north, Ehenye.

The town’s mayor Leonard Hango said the construction of the Oshakati fire station would cost N$3.5 million, the construction of roads at Onawa would cost N$2.2 million, development of phase 2 of Ekuku recreational park will cost N$1 million, construction of Endola and Ondangwa taxi ranks and the construction of an SME market will cost N$1.9 million while the construction of water reticulation services at Ompumbu will cost N$1.1 million.

Hango added that the construction of landfill site fells and fencing would cost N$1 million. N$4.5 million has been allocated to purchase the sewerage multi-truck, and an additional N$900 000 has been earmarked for stormwater channels. He said the upgrade of community development centres would cost N$ 832 025, while N$800 000 would purchase submersible sewer pumps.

He said these are the main budget projections for the upcoming financial year.

At the same event, Hango revealed that Oshakati residents will not have to worry about an increase in basic services such as water, sewer services, refuse removal services and municipal assessment rates and taxes in the 2022/2023 financial year.

“The annual budget for the year consists of the operational income and expenditure estimates, the capital budget estimates and the tariffs for 2022/2023. However, it is important to note that this budget is presented under challenging times posed by the global economic downturn compounded by the negative effect of Covid-19. For that reason, apart from introducing new tariffs, no adjustment and increase has been made to the tariffs structure,” he said.

He stressed that completed projects include the commencement of the servicing of 283 eleven in Ehenye extension 12 with water, sewerage lines, storm lines etc., which he said started in May this year.

He added that the construction of the sewage mechanical installation at Evululuko phase 2 and sewage pumping lines have been completed.

According to Hango, the construction of several stormwater channels within the town is also at a 90 per cent complete stage.

“Among other projects to be embarked on this coming financial year is upgrading the Oshakati impounding facility and the livestock warehouse, which will assist council in impounding more livestock to keep them out of town. The erection of street name tags of the approved streets in Ekuku, Ehenye and other suburbs, construction lore stormwater channels in the town, the continuation of Ekuku park phase 2, provision of sanitation-Onawa, construction of landfill site phase 3, general valuation of properties within the town, formalisation of informal settlements in town such as Uupindi north and Okandjengedi north, surveying of Okandjengedi south and Okakukiipupu extension 4, the relocation of Oshoopala phase 2 amongst others,” Hango said.

Responding to queries about whether or not council plans to appeal a Supreme Court judgment which favoured Businessman Erastus Shapumba in owning the town’s old market, ‘omatala’, Hango said they are still awaiting the courts ruling, officially, from the urban and rural development ministry. He said they would then decide on the way forward.

Eba Kandovazu

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