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Opuwo Re-Elect’s Mbinge-Tjeundo As Mayor

By:Uakutura Kambaekua
Opuwo Town Council mayor Rosa Mbinge-Tjeundo retained her mayoral chain on Monday after she was re-elected as the town’s mayor during the annual re-election of council’s office bearers.
During her acceptance speech, Mbinge-Tjeundo reiterated her stance on being the servant of the masses, noting that she will serve the town diligently and honesty to the best of her abilities.
“Your re-election is proof of the confidence that this council has in your abilities and leadership. Let me thank you all for your political maturity, as we have come from two different political parties; and work towards a common goal in the name of service delivery to the residents of Opuwo and Kunene,” she said.
Mbinge-Tjeundo stated that a collective approach will better the town’s development regardless of political affiliations, traditional authorities or faith-based institutions.
“Opuwo town deserves only the best efforts from everybody, whether they are in the political leadership, in management, in all positions within our administration and across the spectrum of our partners in business, traditional authorities, labour, the faith-based organisations, community and civil societies,”she added.
The mayor echoed that she would continue to work with all stakeholders to find workable solutions to address developmental challenges facing the Kuneneregion’s tourism hub.
“I want to continue to work together with all political parties and stakeholders. This will enable us to find workable solutions for the diverse range of developmental challenges facing Opuwo as we move toward our vision. As newly re-elected mayor, I will continue to encourage the office and the CEO to implement council resolutions promptly,”she said.
“The following strategic objectives will enjoy the highest attention: extension of Opuwo town’sboundaries to encompass and enable proper administration of the other nearby settlements and the new planned airport, provision for a large area which might in the future serve for activities such as schools of higher learning, industrial areas, offices, housing, businesses as well as a truck port, provision for parks and recreation such as sports field which we are currently busy with, including an area for celebrating Opuwo cultural heritage, such as a Traditional Village, museum, library, and improved tourism economic sector,” Mbinge-Tjeundo said.
She further stated that the council is busy addressing the ongoing issue of water shortage faced by the town.
“Opuwo Town Council will continue engaging Namwater executives with a different vigorous purpose to finally address this situation of water issues once and for all,” she said.
The mayor also said that tourism and mining activities taking place in the area should play a pivotal role in the economic empowerment of the people especially women, the youth and people with disability, adding that the elected political leaders together with government and private sectors will address environmental concerns and find solutions to pressing issues.
“We will address environmental concerns and together with other spheres of government and the private sector, find solutions on pressing issues. We will do so in the spirit of ‘Omundu- Omundu mena rovandu’with both councillors and management working together for quality service delivery,” she said.
The mayor urged fellow councillors to remain focused and introduce measures and programmes to address issues of social exclusion and underdevelopment.
“We shall continue to pay special attention to programmes that alleviate poverty, widen the net of our expanded social package, and address issues related to child-headed households, people with disability and youth in general,” she added.
Mbinge-Tjeundo will be deputised by Kasipo Kakondo who is also a councillor of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM).
PDM member Lucius Kaare Mupya retains his position as the chairperson of the management committee.
Forester Matjiru Tjijahura of PDM and Swapo’s stalwart Wilhelmine Nashihua were also re-elected in their positions as additional members of the management committee.
Victorino Simon and Ruth Nderura of the Swapo party will again serve as ordinary council members.
They were all sworn in by Opuwo district magistrate Yvette Levier Frederics.
Magistrate Frederics is optimistic that the councillors will defend the constitution to the latter, while urging them to be transparent and be above board in the execution of their duties and ensure that they serve the interest of the electorates.

Uakutura Kambaekua

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