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Only Four Of 19 Special Crops Will Be Imported In May

By: Nghiinomenwa Erastus

Expected harvest data collected by the Namibia Agronomic Board show that local producers will satisfy local demand for around 14 special controlled horticulture crops for May 2021.

A notice released at the beginning of this month by the Namibian Agronomic Board (NAB) to importers and wholesalers traders highlighted this.

The notice shows that the border will be closed for 14 horticulture products, especially from the 15 May, as all the horticulture traders will be required to source locally.

Import permits will not be issued to import butternuts, cabbages, carrots, English cucumber, green pepper, coloured pepper, onions, pumpkins, sweet potato, round/jam tomato, and sweetcorn.

In line with the Agronomic Industry Act and the Namibian Horticulture Market Share Promotion Scheme (MSP) rules and regulations, close border and pro-rata imports are implemented on unique controlled products depending on the expected harvest.

As a result, the board is calling for all producers of various horticulture producers to register themselves with the board and consistently provide their expected harvest data.

This will guide the board in issuing import permits for external sourcing.

As the country’s young population slowly embrace Agri-preneurship, the small-scale producers have been rocked by access to market barriers for their produce.

The Villager Business Desk has observed on social media various small-scale producers resort to social media at discounted prices in a quest to find buyers for their products.

While lettuce, sweet melon, watermelon, and carrots, the producers indicated that they could supply 50 per cent of the local demand.

For May 2022, the revised data received by the board shows that the producers are still struggling to meet the demand for washed potatoes.

This is due to few producers at the same time fewer low-scale value addition for washing the produced potato in the country.

Beyond potatoes, the country will also not have an adequate local supply of spinach and gem squash for the month, and as a result, the border is open for importation.

The border has been closed for the beetroot to import all types, size groups, and container sizes of fresh, chilled, whole or cut beetroots in the first two weeks only from 1-15 May 2022- however, it will be open as of today.


Julia Heita

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