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Omuthiya Suspends IPC Councillor Shiindi Without Benefits

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 The Omuthiya Town Council has suspended IPC councillor Petrina Shiindi for one month without benefits for disregarding Code 2 of the Code of Conduct for Members of Local Authority Councils: Local Authorities Act, 1992.

Shiindi was, until the suspension serving as the Omuthiya council deputy mayor.

Omuthiya mayor Johannes Mdeutepo filed a report of misconduct against Shiindi. 

Ndeutepo accused Shiindi of continuing to act in cahoots with the public to discredit and defame the council, disrupting the order of the meetings and disrespecting other councillors.

He also accused Shiindi of sharing confidential council matters with the public and publishing lies/ false statements to the public and the media, insinuating corruption and malpractices.

According to Ndeutepo, Shiindi also dictates to other councillors from her political party to carry out their duties as she wishes and often orders them to vacate or boycott council meetings.

Code 2 states that a member may not (a) use confidential information obtained in their duties for their gain or the gain of any other person, and they must respect the confidentiality of documents and information relating to a council.

It also forbids councillors from publicising confidential information in paragraph (a) except in a council, committee or management committee meeting or as the council may authorise them to make the information public.

According to the Code, no council member must interfere in the administrative procedures of a council in a way that does not relate to their powers or functions.

Furthermore, the Code says councillors must not discriminate but must treat all persons equally in exercising their powers, performing their functions, or seeking any personal favour.

The ordinary council meeting held on 6 September deliberated and resolved to give her a chance to be heard as per Code 6 of the Code of Conduct for Members of Local Authority Councils: Local Authorities Act, 1992.

“Councillor Petrina Shiindi, you were given an opportunity to be heard at a Special Council meeting that was scheduled for 13th September 2022, which you have absconded,” the letter of suspension The Villager has said.

The letter said Shiindi violated the general provision as per Code 2 of the Code of Conduct by practising partisan politics, removing members of your party from the Council meetings, obstructing meetings, making confidential information public, and spreading false information to the public to cause havoc in the community, staff and Council members. 

“You also does (sic) not deliberate in a constructive manner, not loyal to Council, and you act in bad faith neither enhancing the image of the Council,” the letter dated 16 September 2022 says.

The letter said the council would cease all benefits accorded to Shiindi while on suspension, and she must surrender Council properties.

The letter was copied to the Office of the Governor Oshikoto Region Omuthiya and the Omuthiya Police Station Commander. 

Last month, Shiindi moved a motion to write off the debt of more than N$33m, which residents owe, but Ndeutepo dismissed it. Shiindi moved the motion after the council had suspended services to all the indebted residents.

Shiindi argued that although the council had suspended some consumers’ accounts, the latest financial report showed no decrease in the debt.

The motion wanted the council to write off the debts of all registered pensioners, residential accounts, and business accounts. 

Ndeutepo described Shiindi’s motion as vague and vexatious. 

Staff Writer

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