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Number of Illegal Under-Age Angolans Increasing – PDM MP

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PDM member of parliament Yvette Araes says Angolan nationals continue to cross the Namibian border illegally, gathering in Oshikango and other northern towns in Namibia to conduct informal trade. 

Araes further says the number of underage Angolan street vendors, some as young as 14, is increasing. 

“Many young people herding cattle in the northern regions have come from Angola into Namibia with no legal documents such as passports or working permits. 

“There are cases where Angolans are being used to herd cattle for Namibian livestock owners and to do domestic work at many households, at very low wages,” she says. 

Araes adds that in many instances, Namibian employers usually bring underage Angolan traders into the country without any passports or legal documents. 

“Namibians employ underage Angolan children and even adults without any work permit. The employed Angolans suffer domestic abuse and maltreatment at the hands of their employers,” she alleges. 

According to Araes, most young Angolan boys who flee their country in search of green pastures in central Namibia and coastal areas are forced into domestic work, selling eggs, fruits and airtime vouchers, among other things. 

Quoting the Immigration Control Act 7 of 1993, Araes says no person shall enter Namibia through any place other than a port of entry unless permission has been granted to them by Namibian Immigration Authorities. 

The same Act says before entering Namibia, a person seeking to enter Namibia shall present themselves to an Immigration officer at a port of entry. 

“This issue of underage, illegal and undocumented Angolan traders should be of great concern. There is a need for urgent intervention to address this issue properly,” Araes says. 

The MP intends to ask home affairs minister Albert Kawana on Thursday if he is aware of the underage illegal Angolan traders in Namibia.

Araes will also ask Kawana what the home affairs ministry is doing to address the increasing number of illegal underage Angolan traders in Namibia.

In addition, Araes says she will ask Kawana to explain the current border control mechanisms at the Oshikango Border Post that aims to prevent illegal entry of people into the country.

She will also want Kawana to say what the home affairs ministry is doing to address the situation of illegal entry points in the Ohangwena and Omusati regions.

 Kwana will also be asked what his Ministry’s approach is in addressing allegations of Angolan child workers being maltreated and abused by Namibian employers.

Staff Writer

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