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Nudo Youth Urged to Desist from Internal and Traditional Disputes

By Uakutura Kambaekua

National Unity Democratic Organisation Youth League (NUDOYL) secretary Veparura Kandirikiria has cautioned the youth league against interfering with traditional scabbles and internal infights within the party structures but to instead remain impartial.

Kandirikiria said this following the youth league congress, which took place over the weekend, and elected its top nine youth leaders.

Nudo party has been a fierce advocate of the Ovaherero Traditional Authority affairs over the years, but the youth were cautioned to steer clear of traditional disputes.

The party during the weekend also resolved and approved the strategic action plan with amendments from the SG’s office and the head of Policies Innovations and Enterprises to make the adjustments and present it at the first National Council Meeting.

Kandirikiria said Nudo youth will also promote their involvement in the political process, promote the acquisition of political power by young people, and promote the party’s policies and practices.

He said these are consistent with the advancement of democracy and legislation and policies important to young people to increase popular government’s efficiency and provide the highest degree of justice and social welfare for the country’s citizens.

He said the party’s fundamental goal remains to construct a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous society in Namibia.

He added that the youth league’s purpose is to advance Nudo’s highest principles, foster and maintain democratic procedures in the party, and support Nudo party candidates of integrity for public office and party positions.

Nudo president Esther Muinjangue officiated the congress, while the National Youth Council was represented. 115 delegates were in attendance representing all 14 regions.

Elections were done by three commissioners as mandated by the youth league’s constitution.

Kandirikirira also stated that the youth league will be nationalised hence the 20 directly elected members of the NYC who were elected to represent all 14 regions thoroughly.

“Now it’s in our hands as a collective leadership to have outreached programmes in all the 121 constituencies and continue to recruit more members. We will have more activities in Kavango West /East, Zambezi, Oshana, Ohangwena, Harap, Oshikoto and others. We will continue to capacitate youths in all our regions,” he added.

He said the youth league will create a department for charity to avail any types of equipment that will able the party to attract and boost its votes in the regions, especially where they failed dismally. “The plan is to ensure that the party increases more seats in the coming elections at all cost,” he said.


Nudo youth league has elected Golden Katjatako as the National Chairperson to be deputised by Haimbanga Olavi Handumbo. Incumbent interim secretary-general of the youth league Veparura Kandirikirira

has landed the position of SG and will be deputised by Laqueen Christof. Other national leaders include Motjavi Katjimune as the treasurer, Uejaa Ndiombe as deputy treasurer, and Tjivikara Kamenje as the national organiser to be deputised by Schusmeither Uazengisa. The youth league’s head of policies, innovation and enterprise position went to Raul Kaivere Katjizeu.

Julia Heita

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