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No Way Back For LPM’s Keetmashoop Deputy Mayor

By: Justicia Shipena

It is the end of the road for recalled Landless People’s Movement (LPM) Keetmanshoop local authority councillor and former deputy mayor Charlcyta Cooper after trying to convince the party to listen to her version of the events.

Cooper sought audience with the party’s leadership following her dismissal as a councillor after claiming that the party never tried to listen to her side. Cooper now feels it is too late for the leadership to do so. Last week she was recalled after allegedly failing to explain and prove her loyalty to LPM.

Speaking to The Villager on Wednesday, LPM spokesperson Eneas Emvula said Cooper has made up her mind, emphasising that what is there is no reason to continue with something that is already concluded.

“There was a communication that gave her a deadline. In private companies, when you don’t perform, you are shown the door immediately. Politicians should realise that even though they hold a public office, that does not exempt them from accounting for responsibility or carrying out the tasks they have been entrusted with,” he said.

Emvula said Cooper ignored a letter by the leadership.

In the letter, Swartbooi said the information he received is that Cooper shares critical information about the party.

He had also said sharing this information comprises the party’s work. Swartbooi also said Cooper’s alleged actions do not meet the standards of the deputy mayor and expressed his concern about her ability to lead. The letter also sought Cooper to explain why she should remain at the party.

In response to the letter by Swartbooi, Cooper had written back, asking the leader to furnish her with evidence that she betrayed the party.

“Yet you have decided rather draw your courage to ignore for a reason known to you. Those pleas are not in writing; this is where she is trying to fool the public,” said Emvula.

He further stressed that until she (Cooper), as an individual, learns to pull up her socks, the “entitlement problem will never end.”

“She has received the letter. She has been recalled, full stop! She now has to choose if she wants to remain a party member. We cannot beat around the bush all the time at the expense of the voters.”

Upon her suspension, a letter to her also stripped Cooper’s powers to partake in the council activities of the Keetmanshoop local authority.

“I wrote to them in my first letter to listen to my story. They must give me proof of what I did to the party, and they did not even call or talk to me,” Cooper said on Wednesday.

According to her, the LPM claiming she has not responded to the letters is false.

“I just got this letter that I betrayed the party, and I responded to them afterwards. I got a recall letter. When was the time that they got the side of my story? I also said the same letter to Joseph Isaaks, the regional chairperson of Keetmas. And he confirmed that he got the letter and that I replied, so how can they say they did not receive the letter, but Joseph Isaaks received it?” she questioned.

When asked whether she would take the opportunity to tell her side of the story if LPM considers it, she said she does not think she would take the chance, emphasising that it is now too late.

“But now it is too late for the story of my side to be heard. I think it is too late. First, they did not call and ask why I did not reply if that was the case. Now, they are lying and saying I did not reply while I did.”

Justicia Shipena

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