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NCAA Renews over 500 Airworthiness Certificates

By:Justicia Shipena
The Namibia Civil Aviation Safety Authority (NCAA) has successfully renewed a total of 545 certificates of airworthiness during the 2021/22 financial year, its latest annual report states.
The certificates were issued after the authority has determined the applicants’ conformance to applicable airworthiness and serviceability requirements.
All in all, 580 applications were received by NCAA for certificate of airworthiness renewals, but only 545 were successful.
“The remaining 50 represents deregistered and inactive aircraft,” the report said.
No plane can take to the skies without a certificate of airworthiness, which is issued by the civil aviation authority in the country where it is registered. This encompasses both international and domestic flights.
The NCAA report said 11 Namibian certification of approved maintenance organisations (AMOs) were audited, and their aviation documents were renewed after the resolution of the deficiencies identified.
“Nine Namibian AMOs were audited, and their aviation documents renewed after the resolution of the identified deficiencies. All 21 foreign-based AMOs applied for NCAA approval which was conducted using self-assessment by the Quality Assurance Manager on behalf of the NCAA and later confirmed by means of a physical inspection when the COVID-19 restrictions were relaxed,” the report said.
Of these, three AMOs based in Switzerland, Spain, and the Czech Republic were issued with NCAA approval to prepare the two Airbus A330-343 and two Airbus A319-112 for redelivery to lessor while they were still on the Namibian Aircraft Register.
All four aircrafts were operated by the now defunct Air Namibia.
In 2023, the NCAA looks forward to the procurement of new vehicles and registration of GRN-transferred vehicles, disposal and auctioning of old andun-roadworthy vehicles as well as obsolete furniture and equipment.
The NCAA report also said there is a need to review the agency’s current fees and implement other revenue streams and a revenue billing system.

Justicia Shipena

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