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Namibian lawyer re-appointed director of Association of International Energy Negotiators 

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Shakwa Nyambe, the Managing Partner of the law firm SNC incorporated with offices in Windhoek, Namibia has been re-appointed for a third term as a Board of Director for the AIEN’s African Chapter.

The AIEN is an independent, not-for-profit professional membership association that supports international energy negotiators around the world, enhancing their effectiveness and professionalism in the international community.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, the AIEN produces model contracts that are widely accepted

and used in the international energy industry.

As the Regional Director for the African Chapter, Nyambe will have to provide leadership to the African Regional Chapter and oversee the general operations of chapter activities.

He will be responsible for appointing a Regional Executive Committee as well as an alternate regional director to assist in organizing the activities of the chapter.

A specialized energy, natural resources and commercial lawyer, Nyambe is also highly experienced in drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts.

He advises international corporations, state owned enterprises, service companies and individuals on energy, natural resources, commercial and dispute resolution matters.

Nyambe says his role as a regional director of AIEN has furthered his expertise by enabling him to acquire additional skills within the energy sector due to his involvement in various AIEN Committees. “This role has also increased my sector network,” he commented, “as I work with members from prominent African oil and gas countries such as Nigeria, Angola, Congo, Cameroon, Republic of Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Senegal, Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda and Tanzania.”

Changes and initiatives Nyambe has instituted in the African Chapter since becoming its head have resulted in great improvements to membership.

“The first thing I did was to ensure that the AIEN Africa Chapter committee is composed of individuals who are from Africa, working in Africa, undertaking projects in Africa, or based in Africa to ensure we fully attend to the issues affecting Africans,” he said.

“Despite the challenges brought by Covid 19, the AIEN Africa Chapter Committee and I managed to host a series of webinars with topics relevant to Africa which brought a lot of interest to a wider audience. Our new reforms and initiatives have resulted in the AIEN Africa membership increasing by 25%.”

In addition to being a board of director for AIEN and the African Regional chapter director, Nyambe also serves on the drafting committees for the AIEN JOA Committee, LNG, SPA Committee, Asset Sale and Purchase Agreement Committee, the Drilling Contract Committee and the Hydrogen Taskforce.

Staff Writer

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