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Namibia Special Olympic female team off the USA

By: Dolly Menas

Namibia sent off its special Olympic female football team to the United States to compete in the Unify Football Sport Championship.

The team will depart on 29 July for the Unified Cup 2022, which brings together over 300 footballers from over 20 countries to compete in football, the world’s most popular sport. Namibia will be sending a team of 11 and six officials to the championship.

Namibia school sports union coordinator Patrick Xoagub said that the application of the sports team to the USA was considered in terms of section 33, sub-section 2 of the sports act 2003, regulation 15 of 2003.

“We have the pleasure to inform you that the official permission was granted to the special Olympic Namibia female team to participate in the Unified football sports championship from 31 July to 6 August 2022 in USA Detroit,” he says.

In terms of section 30, regulation 13 of the colours of the national sports, Xoagub handed over the official national colours to the players and officials.

Xoagub urges the players to represent the country to the best of their ability.

“I must mention that you as children of the land of the brave are fortunate and opportune to be part of the journey that starts today, so go well and represent the land of the brave with pride,” he says.

In her remarks, the national director of Namibia special Olympics, Emilia Nzuzi, said that the ministry of sports and sports commission did a great job by guiding through the expertise.

She added that they would hold onto the code of conduct they have received from the school sports union coordinator because it is important for athletes to be safe.

“We are really going to put the code of conduct into action and make sure we represent the country very well and make the country very proud,” Nzuzi says.

Nzuzi mentioned that the Brave Warriors had paid the price for the team, and NamPower is sponsoring them throughout the championship competition.

“We thank our sponsor NamPower and Brave Warriors for the fund because it is important for the team to represent our country very well,” she says.

She said that they have unified partners (without intellectual disability) and six athletes with intellectual disabilities.

Dolly Menas

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