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By: Ludorf Iyambo

The witness in the rape trial of former magistrate Jaco Kennedy told the Windhoek High Court on Monday that her friend texted her that she was being raped.

Kennedy is facing three counts of rape and charges of kidnapping, attempted murder, attempting to defeat or obstruct the course of justice and alternatively hindering the duties of an authorised officer.

Saara Boois (30) told the court that on 31 December 2015, the victim had indicated the previous day that she would pick her up on her way to work.

She said they were working on a morning shift at 7 a.m.

“I texted her at 06h00 to pick me up so that we go together at work. Before 07h00, she texted me that she would not pick me up (with the taxi) anymore because an unknown man gave her a lift,” she said.

Boois said she received another text message from the victim that read, “I am not ok, I’m being raped.”

She said when she tried to call her back; her phone was off.

“I went to work and shared it with my supervisor,” she testified.

According to Boois, while she was at work, she got another text from the victim, telling her that they were at a particular place in Khomasdal, but she doesn’t know the place exactly.

Moreover, Boois said the victim asked her to go and help her by noting the plate number for the vehicle.

She further testified that the car was a white Mercedes Benz, and she has the number plate on her phone.

Boois also told the court that the victim texted her again, telling her they were driving out from where she was raped.

“She was dropped off at the robots. She was traumatised and crying. I asked her to tell me what had happened exactly. She told me that while she was at the taxi rank, a man pulled off and offered her a lift to work.”

Boois continued saying that the victim told her, “While he was driving, he stopped and said he was going to pee. When he returned to the car, he approached the seat she was sitting and raped her.”

Boois further stated that they went to report the incident at Katutura police station.

Kennedy’s lawyer, Boris Isaacks, said that he is not satisfied with Boois’ testimony as there is not enough evidence.

“Those messages are not available in printing or something. The witness cannot even remember the full content of the conversations with the victim. I want something specific, not general statements,” said Isaacks.

The matter was postponed to Tuesday for the continuation of the trial.


Julia Heita

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