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By: Pricilla Mukokobi

Parents whose children attend Muyako Combined School in the Zambezi region say their children carry chairs from home to school.

According to the parents who spoke to The Villager, some learners walk for more than 3,5 kilometres carrying chairs in the heavy rains.

The pupils started carrying chairs from home after the school informed the parents of a shortage at the school.

The parents told The Villager that their children are always tired and their learning has been affected.

Betty Masiye, one of the parents, told The Villager that she is not happy with the situation at Muyako Combined School. 

Masiye further said the parents are paying money every semester for the school fence buy yet learners do not have chairs.

“We started a long time ago to pay money for the school fence, but we cannot see any changes,” she said.

She further said learners at Muyako combined school do not have stationeries, and the school lacks resources. 

She added that parents buy rim papers, stationery, plastic chairs, food and paying school fences every year. 

“We are failing to work in our fields because we have to work in people’s fields to earn money and pay for our kids,” she said.

Masiye added that they want the inspector to come and see how learners are suffering. 

She added that this problem started last year, and only three children passed majority failed.

Masiye is worried that her children won’t make it in life because they might drop out of school because of this situation.

“Our children carry chairs but share with other learners who have tables. Covid-19 won’t spare our children and us parents,” she said.

Masiye told the Villager that when learners have a table, they do not have to carry a chair. However, a learner without a table brings a chair. That is how it works at Muyako. 

“We want to come to ask him where our money is going. We cannot continue paying for things we cannot see,” she concluded.

Another concerned parent, Mulemwa Matepeta, urged the parents of Muyako to stand together and fight for their children.

“Our school board is dead. We raised this issue, but nothing is being done about it,” he said.

Matepeta further said he wants to know how many schools in the Zambezi has the same problem as Muyako combined school. 

He added that the distance from Sibbwe village to Muyako combined school is about 4-5 kilometres.

 “Us parents are hurt. We are not happy at all. When will this crisis end?” he asked.

Efforts to get answers from the Director of Education in the Zambezi region, Joost Kawana, proved fruitless as his phone went unanswered.

The school principal of Muyako combined school said she was not permitted to speak to the media without approval from the regional education directorate.

Julia Heita

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