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By: Kelvin Chiringa

MTC will appear at the labour court this Wednesday in a case in which one of its employees, Joseph Nakalemo, has accused the entity of corruption, amongst other things.

Nakalemo, who is currently on suspension, has been MTC’s network management and technical quality administrator.

In a 320-page letter dated 31 March 2021, Nakalemo has pointed a dirty finger at MTC management. He has accused it of sweeping corruption under the carpet and ganged up against him for exposing them.

But MTC has so far rubbished the claims.

Its executive, Tim Ekandjo, said that after catching wind of the allegations, the company instituted internal and external investigations into the allegations but found nothing amiss.

Said  Ekandjo, “MTC is aware of a WhatsApp narrative circulating of allegations of corruption made by one of its ambassadors. We are well aware of the allegations made by the employee, and our Board is fully appraised on the matter. The concerned employee raised allegations of corruption with MTC’s management.

“The allegations were internally investigated by our audit department, and our external hotline company also did an extensive external investigation. Both investigations concluded that the allegations are false and baseless.

“The employee, however, continued with his allegations despite having been presented with the outcome of the two investigations. The employee is currently on suspension facing various charges, which we are not at liberty to discuss as we would like to respect our internal disciplinary processes.

“We would like to assure the public and our customers that MTC remains the barometer for good corporate governance and that the conduct of the employee in question is rather unfortunate.”

However, activist Andemale “Kassie” Shikongo, who has been following the case with keen interest, said that Nakalemo has been a victim of workplace bullying and victimisations for years at MTC.

“The morning of 22 March 2022 at the office of the Labour Commissioner, MTC executives are expected to appear to answer to the charges brought before them. This case widely appeared in the media last year, and on 19 April 2021, MTC Chief Human Capital Mr Ekandjo appeared in the local media, dismissing the allegations.

“Members of the public and the general media houses at large will be welcome to attend this extraordinary labour dispute which is further linked to N$1.29 billion worth of MTC tenders which, according to Mr Nakalemo, form the fundamental basis for his victimisations. All efforts since last year being 2021 to get his views on the matter went unanswered as according to him, the matter is before the office of the Labour Commissioner, and it will prejudice him to raise his position,” he said in a written text to The Villager.


Kelvin Chiringa

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