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Minister commissions desalination plant…pushes for 100% water coverage

By:  Dolly Menas

The agriculture ministry continues on its relentless quest for 100% water coverage as part of its mission to ensure the sustainable development, utilisation and management of water resources in the country.

Agriculture deputy minister, Anna Shiweda, said, the ministry continues to be guided by the Fifth National Development Plan (NDP5) and Harambee Prosperity Plan II to develop sector specific policies that guide the execution of this mandate.

She said this on the occasion of the commissioning of a Hybrid Renewable Energy Powered Membrane Desalination Plant.

“The investment made in the facility being commissioned here today in the form of a Hybrid Renewable Energy Powered Membrane Desalination Plant is a noble one, because it results in the supply of good and quality water to the Bethanie community. Our target is to have 100 percent coverage of all Namibians in terms of access to water supply but so far, we are at approximately 85 percent,” she said.

Shiweda emphasized that it is important that NamWater continue to play its significant role on sustainable water provision.

“What lies behind the tap is an amazing and complicated process that requires detailed planning, commitment and dedication to ensure that the goals of the government are carried out through water service provision so that every citizen has access to clean water,” said Shiweda.

Shiweda added that they have developed sector specific policies that guide the execution of the mandate which include Namibia water supply and sanitation policy of 2008 and the Namibia Water Policy.

The main objective of the policies is to ensure water security supply in the country.

She stamped that clean water is essential for life, and that it is a fundamental requirement for human life, dignity, and development.


She added that access to clean drinking water is provided for under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

She mentioned that the pilot project will ascertain the cost of water associated with desalination of groundwater and it will be compared with the cost of water by supplying remote communities through long distance pipelines from far sources of good water quality.

“I would like to emphasize the cost price aspects underpinning water supply function,” she said.

She also added that people should do their part in paying for the service when they get water supply from NamWater.

Dolly Menas

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