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By: Kelvin Chiringa 

Employees of Mediclinic have been given until 15 February to apply for exemption from Covid-19 vaccines as the company now braces to enforce blanket vaccinations for all staff.

But Mediclinic employee Sedney Mutaleni Haufiku, has employed the service of legal mind Richard Metcalfe from Metcalfe Beukes Attorneys to stop the company right in its tracks.

Haufiku has joined the Health Defence League, a composition of anti-vaccine individuals fighting against forced vaccines in the corporate world. 

The entity has vowed to pay all legal costs required to protect its members’ health and constitutional rights should litigation in the High Court of Namibia and or Labour Court occur. 

The Villager has seen a letter from Metcalfe Beukes Attorneys dated 11 February, written to the Mediclinic Chief Executive Officer, Koert Pretorius.

Said the lawyers, “You have given a deadline date of 15 February 2022 to employees to apply for an exemption. We attach hereto, per Annexure “B”, a copy of the Nuremberg Code to which all countries subscribe. Please advise why your company is of the opinion that it, as a medical entity, is above international law and can force its employees to be subjected to experimental vaccinations.” 

The lawyers have also advised Mediclinic that the labour ministry, on 2 February 2022, spoke out against forced vaccines.

The ministry said that it “… advises employers to rather educate and encourage their employees on the importance of vaccination and to allow employees to make voluntary decisions.”

The lawyers have accused Mediclinic of failing to engage their staff for them to make voluntary decisions on the vaccines.

“But you have decided to make vaccination mandatory and flout the laws of Namibia,” said the lawyers.

Kelvin Chiringa

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