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LPM Wins Labour Case Against Founding Member

By: Kelvin Chiringa

LPM has won a labour case in which its now-resigned founding member, Sixtus Isaaks, accused the party of failing to pay salaries.

Isaaks bolted out of the party after accusing it of not being democratic, fomenting factionalism and failing to pay him his dues for work during the previous elections, which saw the party romping to victory in the south.

However, the party hit back to say it was him who was owing the party in the region of N$76 000, which remained unaccounted for in their financials.

Party national spokesperson Eneas Emvula, who initially had stated that the work Isaaks wanted to be compensated for was based on a gentlemen’s agreement, has celebrated the labour court triumph, telling this publication that it has vindicated the party.

“We have been vindicated. The ruling was based on the arguments that we submitted, and there were no indications, but we detected a lot of flaws and untruths after we studied his claims. Unfortunately, some of these things we find time and again being done due to people being discontented with reality.

“There is very little that they can do to contribute towards the whole original idea that forms up the foundation of LPM. It is very unfortunate that one gets these kinds of responses full of some sense of entitlement. But this is now water under the bridge,” he said.

Isaaks’ mobile phone was unreachable when contacted for comment in lieu of the latest court defeat.

However, in his resignation letter, he stated that he could no longer be part of an organisation that did not have respect for humanity.

“I can’t be in an organisation whose future is determined by prophets. I can’t continue with a party with leaders who believe in gossiping, badmouthing and gaslighting. I can’t be in a party where decisions are taken on emotions and hearsay and doesn’t respect its own rules and regulations,” he is on record as saying.

Weeks after that, high placed sources within the party accused Isaaks of being part of an elaborate plan to remove Bernadus Swartbooi as party leader in a palace coup meant to realign the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) into an effectively Nama-led party.

“The idea is to have a Nama party. The thinking is that Swartbooi destroyed the Namas by bringing in non-Nama people into positions,” said a source that refused to be identified for fear of retribution.

According to the sources, the plan was to have Swartbooi removed by 2024, including his second in command, Henny Seibeb.

According to details from the source, the coup plotters have also received the blessing and support of Swartbooi’s elder sister, Maureen Swartbooi.

Emvula has said that due diligence was carried out from within the party together with a probe whose findings will be made public later.


Kelvin Chiringa

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