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The Namibia Local Business Association will cater for all businesses from the kapana seller to the big enterprises owned by native Namibians.

The organisation announced its presence on Friday at a press conference at the Chicco Mall in Ongwediva.

Until now, the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industries (NCCI) has been the only organisation that represented businesses.

Most of the members of Naloba were members of NCCI, and they started resigning in January 2022.

Naloba deputy president Kanu Amadhila said the organisation is non-political, non-tribal and non-profit.

As of Friday, AMadhila said Naloba had more than 2 000 members, and more were coming.

The primary purpose of Naloba is to truly represent its members’ interests and needs across Namibia and treat the members with dignity and values.

Trust, respect, commitment, responsibility, accountability, professionalism, transparency, and ethics are some of the values.

In addition, Naloba seeks to train, develop, and secure fair business competition within the Namibian business market.

The organisation believes that this will foster economic relations with foreign and local investors.

Amadhila said Naloba will not accept business people who are still members of the NCCI.

He further said that Naloba would not accept anyone who applies before they carry out a vetting process so that they will not house criminals and hibernators.

“If you seriously want to be our member, you have to tender your resignation with NCCI and join Naloba,” Amadhila said.

Asked how Naloba was different from NCCI, Amadhila said: “We are an association led by business people. We are not going to be led by an employee.”

He gave the example of a bank employee and said such a person, if they led Naloba, they would not connect with a kapana seller.

Amadhila also said Naloba is different from NCCI in that they will not be led by a public enterprise’s CEO who waits for a salary.

Naloba will seek an audience with President Hage Geingob soon.

“We trust in ourselves. We will convince the government to give us an audience before we ask,” Amadhila said when asked if the government would recognise Naloba.

According to Amadhila, Naloba will engage banks to negotiate payment holidays of members for six months or one year.

He also said Naloba would talk to town councils regarding Naloba’s members’ debts.

“We will sit down with Namra and find a good solution to help SMEs,” Amadhila said.

Staff Writer

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