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Kavango West Youth Leader Allegedly Offered Bribes For Swapo Positions

By: Annakleta Haikera

The alleged victim of the Kavango West Swapo youth league regional secretary Bonifatius Muronga says the youth leader used Swapo’s name to fleece N$65,000 from her.

Selina Kudumo, the alleged victim who opened cases against Muronga, told The Villager that she was not happy he was given bail.

Muronga was arrested on Tuesday in Rundu, facing 16 counts of fraud, and appeared before the Rundu Magistrate court on Wednesday.

He was later granted bail of N$8,000, reduced from N$15 000, after he told the prosecutor, Michael Munika, that he was still working and the only breadwinner in his family.

He argued that both his parents were deceased, and he further informed the prosecutor that he was taking care of the complainant’s child.

He will make his next court appearance on 29 September 2022.

“He has hurt me not only emotionally but also physically. I almost took my own life because I opened the case in January. He was arrested in February and then released. The suspect bribed me, and I gave him N$65,000 that he promised to pay back, but he did not. He also used the name of Swapo to milk money from me,” Kudumo said.

According to her, they were in a relationship and had a child, and then, later on, ended their relationship.

“I am not the only person he defrauded, but there are a lot of people in Nkurenkuru. He allegedly offered people positions in the Swapo party, and in exchange, they should pay him before he does that. Muronga deserves to be behind bars because he is dangerous, not only to me but to other people too.”

She said that the law is supposed to protect everyone and not take sides.

However, SPYL members in the Kavango East and West regions have questioned the arrest of the SPYL regional secretary.

Kotokeni Willem, the Chairperson of the Swapo Youth League Forum in the Kavango West, told The Villager his arrest was questionable.

“He is a great leader, and in the nature of how it all happened, we remain focused until he is found guilty by the court. We will now rely on the court’s decision until September, when he will make his next appearance in court.”

According to Kotoken, it is too early to judge and determine all the allegations levelled against Muronga. “As for now, he will still go to work because all charges laid against him need to be investigated.

“We will remain patient and wait for his next appearance.”

Meanwhile, Simuku Paulus Kalembera, well known as Kafu Namibia and a food soldier of Swapo, said that some youth league members are taking the ruling party’s name down.

“There is always a reason why one should be arrested. We can’t say the police were wrong to arrest him. He was arrested and charged with fraud. As for me, I will say these are some of the Youth League members taking the name of Swapo down because if you look at it, no one gets arrested and charged. I have heard that he has been using the name of Swapo for his own interest reasons, which is not a good thing.”

Bonifatius Muronga will make his next court appearance on 29 September 2022 to allow the police to do further investigations.

According to media reports, SPYL secretary Efraim Nekongo said they would investigate the matter.

Julia Heita

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