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Katjiua Demands Evidence Before Handing Back Government Car

By: Hertha Ekandjo

Professor Mutjinde Katjiua, at what was meant to be a handover ceremony, has refused to surrender a government vehicle, which was allocated to the Ovaherero Traditional Authority (OTA), unless the ministry provides a police case number.

This comes as the ministry had requested Katjiua to hand over the vehicle upon not recognising him as the Paramount Chief of the Ovaherero.

This resulted in a court battle which ended in defeat for Katjiua, and the ministry only recognised chief Vipuira Kapuuo as the paramount chief and only dealt with him.

According to Katjiua, the ministry had given reason that it would confiscate the vehicle due to allegations of unlawful use.

He added that the owner (urban and rural development ministry) needed it, and it demanded its return.

Professor Katjiua expressed that he investigated the police case number given to him by the police officers who were sent to confiscate the vehicle.

He continued saying that he found out that the same police case number was presented to him earlier this month.

He said that it is the police case number was launched by one of the OTA’s chiefs, Kapuuo.

He further stated that it is clear from the previous letter that he received from the ministry of urban and rural development that the chairperson of the chief council should confiscate the vehicle from him.

Additionally, he said the Namibian police visited him following the instructions given to them by the ministry to confiscate the vehicle.

“Behind this is the ministry executing the demands of Kapuuo. The ministry did not make a case, but the Kapuuo did,” he said.

Katjiua also stated that they are not using the vehicle, adding that the car is parked at his residence.

Moreover, he said he needs a letter from the ministry stating that it needs the vehicle with reasoning.

“Reason being that the OTA needs evidence that the ministry has requested for the vehicle and that it is particular in this case. When the Ondonga chief Kauluma died, their car was not confiscated. Chief Nguvauva passed on, and the car is still with the authorities. But now the ministry wants to confiscate the car from OTA,” he stressed.

Katjiua also claimed that Kapuuo is not a lawful chairperson of the chief council. Thus he said the lawful chairperson is the paramount chief.

“The senate appointed me as the paramount chief. The chief council confirmed my position as the paramount chief. The chief council went on to suspend chief Kapuuo,” he stated.

Urban and rural development director Evans Maswahu said that he only came to receive the car and had no statements to make.

Previously, Katjiua had agreed to bring the vehicle after the court cases were resolved and that after that, they would do the necessary repair and replacement of dilapidated parts.

While executive director of the urban and rural development ministry, Nghidinua Daniel, in a letter dated 28 March 2022, had agreed that the GRN 80742 vehicle of OTA to a request by Kapuuo to impound and park the car.







Hertha Ekandjo

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