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Job Amupanda Dismisses AR Leaders’ Accusations


By: Staff Writer

Affirmative Repositioning leader Job Amupanda has reacted to the fights inside his movement as a small storm that will not distract him, describing spokesperson Simon Amunime and election chief coordinator Pau Pau as “planted operatives”.

This comes as the AR house is now in discord as its spokesperson and elections director have accused Amupanda of selfishly refusing to give others a chance to be councillors in the City of Windhoek.

“We did not come this far to be distracted by small storms. We had always known about planted operatives. We lived with them to gain insights of their minds and their senders. Our movement will never be an August 26 from where the empty stomach will find comfort. If you allow this situation now, we will breed a generation of potential criminals who will demand positions in future because they are hungry. Let the temporary celebrities enjoy their five minutes of fame. Let them enjoy the dancing floor. Our movement will never degenerate. If anything, the disrupters will strengthen our resolve,” Amupanda said.

In a strongly worded “warning” to the chief activist, Simon Amunime and Paulus Paulus Kathanga have expressed anger over allegations that they have misappropriated AR funds.

Simon Amunime confirmed to The Villager of co-authoring the letter, which he said is meant to be dealt with internally.

They have accused Amupanda of spreading lies and targeting them for proposing that there be rotational representation at the council so that unemployed educated activists like Dimbulukeni Nauyoma and George Kampala can also access the N$30 000 monthly salaries.

They have also said Amupanda is greedy and uses younger activists for his gratification and political mileage.

“As matured adults and discipline activists of this movement, we have been ignoring such allegations from you, of us, apparently eating up the movement’s money and that of the FIX Namibia SMS campaign, which are alleged to be spread by you to various activists, whilst you know very well that it is people like Kambala, Amunime Dee, Pau Pau, Amushelelo and many other Activists that Hustle to fund and volunteer for programs of the movement,” they said.

They said they suspect this is because of their strong stance in a meeting where they demanded for a rotation at the City of Windhoek, in which they proposed for both Job Amupanda and Keister Elago to vacate the two seats at the City of Windhoek and allow other activists Such as Dimbulukeni Nauyoma, George Kambala, Kapakaye and others to occupy those seats and earn an income.

“Since many of these activists are unemployed and are blacklisted by the regime of the day because of their association to the movement, this is despite them having various post-secondary qualifications,” they said.

Amunime and Paulus have warned Amupanda to refrain from spreading “propaganda” and casting negative aspersions against their persona.

They also said that if he fails to do so, they will be left with no option but to expose “your dirty dealings to the public and highest offices, namely the ACC and the Namibian Police, for using the AR office for self-gratification and taking bribes from individuals and businesses to fight their battles”.

“Mind you, both you and Keister are employed. You as a senior lecturer at Unam, while Keister is a senior manager at Social Security Commission in Windhoek. What is the harm in allowing other activists to take up the seats at COW and allow them to prove their leadership and allow them to make a living with that N$30 000 allowance a month each from council whilst serving the residents of Windhoek at the best of their abilities?”

Amupanda has been accused of making Amunime a full-time spokesperson at the AR head office without his consent on a voluntary basis despite holding three degrees and now studying towards a fourth one.

He has also been accused of showing bitterness when Amunime moved out to seek a job.

“You became bitter and began all your lies about him being compromised and involving his name with some imaginary lost money. While Knowing that Amunime has three degrees and is busy with the fourth qualification, therefore, under no circumstances will we allow ourselves to be your volunteer serving at your behest. Make peace with it and stop spreading lies with our name.”

“Clearly, you are a very selfish and greedy individual who is good at using other people, especially those younger than you, for your own gratification, own political upward mobility and political expediency. George Kambala and Dee Nauyoma are clear and good examples of that. The two remain unemployed and without income because they must be running your political agendas on a full-time basis while you are fully employed at Unam.”

“Please, note that we have no issues with you fighting us because that is what you are good at, fighting everyone: hence, you fighting Colleagues at Unam, fighting Colleagues at COW, fighting John Walenga for headman-ship at OTA and even worse and toxic fighting your very own Friend Dee and Amushe, even at their difficult time of their detention. Be as it may, we take strong exception to the abuse of my name, character, personality and credibility and will henceforth not tolerate any such further misleading lies and misbehaviour from you,” the duo said.




Staff Writer

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