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By: Kelvin Chiringa

The relentless push to have President Hage Geingob investigated over suspicions of aiding the covering up of crimes at the farm of South African president Cyril Ramaphosa is being pushed by personal hatred, Advocate John Walters says.

The ex-Ombudsman’s statement comes after he predicted that the current office of the Ombudsman would not investigate Geingob amidst pressure from the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF).

But Walters has come out to say that the push for a probe has not been advised by a clear-cut understanding of the legal mandate of the Ombudsman, but rather a personal hatred of Geingob.

“People look at things, and they are so emotionally involved. They are not (being) reasonably (looking) at things. Divorce your minds from perceived or whatever ideas you have! When you look at things, forget about your hatred for Geingob, the government and everything.”

“That is why they start making wrong conclusions. The position of the Ombudsman has exonerated Geingob. They (NEFF) do not understand our mandate despite everything. And I always say go read my annual reports, and you get a better understanding. I know they will not be happy with his (Basilius Dyakugha) findings,” he said.

Statehouse press secretary Alfredo Hengari said that the Presidency did not in any way exert any pressure on the Ombudsman before his press conference Tuesday morning.

He also said his office was “getting tired of” satisfying the “media appetite” with the “sensationalised” issue surrounding the Phala-Phala-gate and linkages to the President.

“They try and accuse a President who has a very longstanding record of not interfering in any of the independent institutions of the state. At no point did President Geingob or anybody from the Presidency try to influence the outcome of the decision of the Ombudsman. President Geingob has never met that gentleman in question.”

“We have been very clear as the Presidency that the President of the Republic of Namibia did not in any way contravene the laws of the republic and violate the constitution. It’s important for your audience to know that there is a difference between the Republic of Namibia and the Republic of South Africa,” he said. 



Julia Heita

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