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Grootfontein Council to Meet on Monday To Decide Sinvula's Salary

By: Justicia Shipena
The Grootfontein Town Council will now meet next week Monday to make its final decision on
whether to completely cut off the salary of under-fire chief executive officer, Kisko Sinvula, as
the relationship between both parties continues to deteriorate.
Sinvula, who faces 30 charges of misconduct, was suspended at a special council meeting held
on 24 March 2022 over issues relating to the procedure used to appoint Kangueehi & Kavendjii
Incorporated law firm to represent the council.
Speaking to The Villager, the town council's chairperson of the management committee,
Elizabeth Kastoor, said the council feels that Sinvula is dragging the council's finances.
"Council feels that this person is costing us so much. Instead of turning up to the hearing, he is
costing the council a lot because we have been paying legal fees caused by this person. So,
council feels we need to stop his salary," she said.
Kastoor said the municipality is paying Sinvula's salary and the legal fees he is enjoying.
"This person is now running left, right, and centre to the courts and not coming to the
disciplinary hearing. And the more he runs to the courts, the more the municipality pays legal
fees," said Kastoor.
In the meantime, the council has appointed an acting CEO, Sarie Hangara.
A disciplinary hearing was to take place on 22 July 2022; however, Kastoor said this could not
go ahead due to Sinvula approaching the High Court.
"The first disciplinary hearing was postponed because he ran to the High Court for a case that the
High court even threw out, and he was told to come back to the hearing," she said.
She added that when they set another date for the hearing, Sinvula's lawyer wrote to the council's
legal representative asking for a postponement.
"And they said that they will only be available in October. So, the hearing had to be postponed
for the second time again."
According to her, the CEO's suspension has negatively affected the council's financial status.
"Because illegal tenders were issued without the council's blessing, the council has been affected
financially. But we are in a state of recovering because we stop all the tenders," added Kastoor.
The council is alleging that Sinvula contravened section 29(6)(a) of the Local Authorities Act,
1992, and the Personnel Rules of the Municipality of Grootfontein, 2010.
He is facing charges ranging from fraud and bribery.

It alleges that from 14 December 2020 to 19 April 2021, Sinvula "participated in and colluded,
alternatively failed to exercise the necessary care and diligence required to detect the tampering
and increased the bid price of Bidders Plastic Packaging and Rock Leight Investments to favour
K Hapu Investment CC."
The information shows that K Hapu Investment CC appeared to be the lowest bidder."After
which you solicited and/or received gratification of N$ 40 000," the charge sheet read.
The troubled CEO also faces charges of awarding a contract for Road Resealing to Otjomuise
Construction CC for N$5 075 000, more than what was budgeted for in the approved budget of
the Grootfontein Municipal Council.
According to the charge sheet, on 4 October 2021, Sinvula awarded a N$ 12 660 594.75 contract
to one NBT Quality Services CC for constructing electrical services in Omulunga Extension 8.
Additionally, the charge sheet alleges that Sinvula approached a local developer last year to
solicit money or plots from the developer in exchange for causing the council to build a tarred
road in front of the developer's service station.
The CEO allegedly claimed S&T while booked off-sick with Covid-19. The management
committee says Sinvula also failed to bring disciplinary action against Indileni Lungameni for
signing his S&T without authorisation.
The committee also alleges that Sinvula, in May 2021, opposed legal proceedings instituted by
Arnold Ameb against the local authority council and appointed the Law firm of Clive Kavendji
Inc, although the council had not passed a resolution.
The committee also claims that during his tenure of employment, the CEO approved an increase
in the salary of Indileni Lungameni without proper procedures. Lungameni is employed by the
Grootfontein municipal council's chief property and community development.
Previously the urban and rural development minister, Erastus Uutoni, found the suspension
invalid. However, the council maintains he is still suspended.
Meanwhile, official opposition party leader McHenry Venaani had also accused Uutoni of being
part of the problem of discord at the Grootfontein municipality.
In April, Grootfontein's former mayor and councillor, Lovisa Iyambo, had called for Swapo
headquarters to get involved in the chaos at Grootfontein municipality.
The council had tightened its security to prevent Sinvula from entering his office in the
Otjozondjupa region town.
Sinvula argued that the council was trying to get rid of him illegally.
Furthermore, Sinvula had also asked police inspector general Sebastian Ndeitunga for assistance
so that he would not be prevented from entering his office.

Grootfontein mayor Talitha Garises claimed that Uutoni had done nothing to rescue the
municipality, which was disintegrating.
When The Villager reached to Sinvula he switched off his phone.

Justicia Shipena

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