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By: Justicia Shipena

Police Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga says they are conducting an audit system to ensure all items at the Central Depot are there.

Following the theft of 90 firearms from the police depot, a source within the police told The Villager that four to five generators have gone missing.

“The report is still coming to me to say item A or B is there or not. Once I get the report, I’ll get the insight of what else apart from weapons might be missing,” said Ndeitunga.

However, Ndeitunga said they are first concentrating on the forearms. He added that it does not mean there might be other missing items.

On the issue of the missing generators, he said it has not reached his office.

“That information did not reach my desk, apart from the information of the weapons that went missing,” he said.

He added that they are making all the effort to reach the bottom of the case at the depot.

“More work needs to be done, and we are determined to leave no stone unturned.”

Speaking to The Villager on Wednesday, safety and security minister Albert Kawana also said they have put measures to ensure additional security is introduced at the depot.

Kawana said, “Whoever is arrested must appear before a court of law, and the people will be getting more information. I don’t want to jeopardise the investigations or the outcome of the court process, so the due process of law will take its course.”

Moreover, he said nobody would slip through the net of the due process of law.

“Whoever is implicated will definitely appear in court.”

This comes as a source told The Villager that one of the suspects implicated in the matter will point out those involved in anything missing at the depot.

“There are also generators missing in the latest development, apparently 4 to 6 generators at the depot. That is another new investigation,” the source said.

The source also said the depot is busy handing over inspection; however, who will take over is unclear.

Some police sources last year told The Villager that a woman had been arrested for the missing guns.

According to the sources, the woman was an officer who was arrested after her neighbours had tipped off the police after she gave them some guns and uniforms to keep.

In November, Ndeitunga told The Villager that he ordered an investigation when he was informed about the missing guns.

Ndeitunga said the guns were in boxes, and it is unclear whether they were issued out and never recorded or someone stole them.

Ndeitunga had said it could be possible that the guns were taken out one by one at different times.

“It could also be that there is poor record-keeping,” Ndeitunga said.

He had added that he would not want to jump the gun, but he suspects someone could have a duplicate key to the depot where the guns are kept.

Deputy commissioner Kauna Shikwambi had also said an investigation was launched for the arms missing.

Shikwambi told The Villager that the Central Depot was not broken into. However, the police discovered it was open, and arms and ammunition were missing.

Justicia Shipena

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