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Dee and Amushe’s judgement differed to 22 August


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Detained political agitators, Michael Amushelelo and Dimbulukeni Nauyoma, will find out on the 22nd of August 2022 if they will get out on bail or not, in the case in which they got detained on incitement charges.

Their lawyer, Kadhila Amoomo, brought an appeal to the high court after a Katutura Magistrates’ Court denied them bail.

This is despite several others who took part in an attempted 13th of May 2022 shut-down of China Town got released.

The duo has been held in prison for more than 74 days now.

Their main case, which was supposed to be heard in the Katutura Margistrates’ Court this week, also got pushed to the 4th of August, a move that got criticised by Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) commissar, Gregory Cloete.

“I mean, it’s very obvious that these are delay tactics the machinery from the state has used once again against our brothers, but we shouldn’t give up. We anticipated this, of course. However, tomorrow (Friday), we have the high court bail application. Kadhila (Amoomo) has told us that he is going to bring his best to free our brothers, so I am urging the public not to give up. The guys are in high spirits; they will come home,” he said.

Lawyer, Nambili Mhata is representing Amushelelo and in his appeal notice lately, he has submitted that the magistrate, Masule Kwizi, made an incorrect finding when he ruled that both carried the risk committing more offenses if they were to be let out on bail.
Mhata has also shot down the magistrate’s conclusion that  “there were no appropriate conditions that could be attached to their release on bail to address fears that they would commit other offences after they had been released”.

The lawyer also contended that the case against his client was built on hearsay evidence.

Also, this week, Hendrina Hamunyela, with whom Nauyoma has sired two children expressed that the long drawn out court fight is now exerting an emotional and financial toll on her.

“I really feel sad because I am trying to understand what is it that they did so bad, what danger are they to society? And for me, it’s actually emotionally and financially draining as well. We are not allowed to be taking food inside. They are only fed pap throughout the whole week.”

“If he wants coffee, if he needs tea, and for the airtime for him to be able to call me and to speak to other family members, I need to make sure that he has that. He tells me that he misses the kids, that I should tell them he loves them every day and that he will come out very soon. It’s been like that for the past 74 days,” she said.

Staff Writer

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