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By: Pricilla Mukokobi

Deputy minister of health Esther Utjiua Muinjangue says that people live in difficult times, and diseases such as Covid-19 has turned the world upside down. 

She said this at a press conference in Windhoek this week. 

The pandemic has affected billions of people, stopping economies in their tracks.

She added that Covid-19 is causing the tragic loss of life.

“Today we have lived through this world this world, afflicted by Covid-19 and down the line, lives have been lost, people have gone through hardship brought by covid-19 and today, due to the immense coordinator of human, financial and material resources, we strive through Covid-19, and we continue to improve every day and at every level of our life,” she said 

Muinjangue further gave people hope by saying in times of crisis, people must never forget that ‘this too shall pass.’ 

She further urged people to get vaccinated and observe all Covid-19 protocols. 

She added that people should respond quickly to diseases and that they will get through them, and they should act together. 

However, the ministry wants to ensure that people support the government to achieve the Namibian Vision 2030 and Harambee Prosperity Plan || agenda, focusing on health sector objects. 

Muinjangue further said one of the vision 2030 objectives is “to provide affordable and excellent health care and strengthen the fight against HIV/AIDS.” 

“Harambee Prosperity Plan || Goal 3 states that improved Access to Healthcare through some activities such as improving and increasing Public Health infrastructure. Modernise Central Medical Store. Enhance Access to treatment facilities for Non-Communicable diseases. Improved Nutrition and Universal HealthCare Coverage,” she said.

Furthermore, the ministry’s mission is to provide integrated, affordable, accessible and equitable, quality health and social services responsive to the population’s needs. 

She added that this platform is for implementing activities for the year. It requires careful planning, due diligence and dedication to public services delivery with the overall priority to Namibia and its inhabitants. 

She added the most important priorities of the ministry are to strengthen the health and nutrition strategies, provide excellent, affordable health care for all, continue with the issues of maternal health and child welfare while promoting reproductive health, especially amongst the youth.

“Prioritising communicable and non-communicable diseases and preventative health systems and infrastructure development,” she said.

Munjaingue said she assures that the ministerial Political Leadership under the auspicious of minister Kalumbi Shangula will spare no effort to support the accounting officer and his team to efficiently and effectively deliver to the expectations of the Namibian people.






Julia Heita

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