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Charmaine Saron To Be Buried Sunday

By: Andrew Kathindi

Charmaine Saron, the late 28-year-old who was brutally stabbed 24 times and left in a riverbed behind the Hosianna Church in Katutura earlier this month, will be buried in Rehoboth tomorrow.

The burial follows a widely attended demonstration on Friday in the same town, organised by LPM, the party for which she was a youth grassroots mobiliser.

LPM’s youth leader Duminga Ndala told The Villager that the the demonstration was intended to create awareness and conscientise men in society that women are not property and that men should take up their role in society as protectors, givers and groomers.

“It was obviously also for Charmaine, for justice to be served. We have read in the newspapers that one of the suspects was arrested, but there could be more, according to reports. We wanted to pay tribute to Charmaine and all other women who have lost their lives through such evil ills.”

A petition demanding that all culprits of violence against women and children be arrested was handed over to the Rehoboth Chief Prosecutor.

The demonstrators also called on counselling to be provided to suspects who are accused of gender-based violence and murder before and after serving their prison terms, before they are released back into society.

The petition also asks Cabinet to reintroduce religious studies into the primary school curriculum.

“It’s high time we have strict laws to deal with those that kill women and girls. We are also calling on law enforcement agencies to make sure that these people are locked behind bars and that they receive the punishment they deserve because they do not belong in society,” Ndala told The Villager.

Ndala said that society is losing many young people that could contribute to the productivity of the country.

“She was a mother of four, which means that these four kids are going to be orphaned, which contributes to the poverty cycle because she was a breadwinner in her family, and she had kids to raise. Since her life has been taken away, nobody is going to fill that void.”

She said the demonstration was held in Rehoboth as a tribute to Charmaine, who grew up in the town.

A tribute memorial for Charmaine by the party was held on Friday.

“She was a very active member of the LPM youth wing in Rehoboth and was always very confident.

She sacrificed her life to join the fight of social justice and economic emancipation. That is why the party decided to send her off in a dignified manner.”

Her burial comes as police confirmed that a suspect linked to Charmaine’s murder was detained. The police are still on the hunt for a second suspect linked to the murder.

“A call is hereby made to please provide any pieces of information that may lead to the arrest of the suspect(s) responsible for stabbing Charmaine Saron to death in the area of the Elcin church in Katutura; perhaps bloodstained clothes, with [who] she was seen last, etc. These criminals don’t belong amongst peace-loving Namibians, thus the call for them to be brought to where they belong. Your identity will be protected. Together, we must ensure criminals are removed from society,” Police regional commander Ismael Basson said.














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