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Car Guard Withdraws Case Against Shapwa Kanyama

By: Justicia Shipena

A 44-year-old car guard who was allegedly shot by businessman Shapwa Kanyama over the weekend during a bar brawl withdrew charges against the businessman.

This was confirmed to The Villager by Khomas police spokesperson warrant officer Silas Shipandeni on Monday.

On Saturday, Kanyama, who is a husband to social media influencer Betty Davids was allegedly involved in a physical confrontation with another patron at the Pharaoh’s Lounge in Klein Windhoek when he allegedly shot in the direction of the victim.

The man was shot in the right leg, but he is in a stable condition.

According to Shipandeni, the decision to withdraw the case was made because the victim has reconciled with Shipandeni.

“They approached the station at Klein Windhoek and the reason they withdrew the case is that they narrated to the police officers they found on duty that they communicated to a sort of reconciliation. They met with Mr. Shapwa and they reconciled so they felt there was no need for them to continue with the case any longer,” said Shipandeni.

However, he said the police will pursue a charge of negligent handling of a firearm in a public space.

“We are also entitled to open a case against this gentleman for discharging a fire in a public space. As we speak there is a case registered which is a state case against MR Shapwa for discharging a firearm in a public space,” he said.

He added that the case is still under investigation and Kanyama is not yet charged.

“He is not yet charged in that particular case. We have to get statements from possible witnesses which include these two that have withdrawn the case as they are regarded as key witnesses.”

No arrests were made during the night’s incidents due to outstanding statements from witnesses at the scene.

“The suspect was consulted a while ago but once the witness statements are obtained, he can be arrested as soon as possible,” Shipandeni had said on Saturday.

Justicia Shipena

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