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By: AnnakletaHaikera

The APP says the government should intervene in schools to ensure that every child gets an education without parents experiencing financial strain.

Addressing a media conference at Rundu on Wednesday, the APP secretary-general Vincent Kanyentu said the government should prioritise school fees. 

Kanyentu said teachers and parents had been left to rely on voluntary contributions.

According to Kanyentu, voluntary contributions challenge the parents who are already struggling to support their families.

He further said some learners have failed to attend school because their parents have not paid.

Kanyentu also said the pandemic had affected the academic calendar, putting children under undue stress. 

Teachers, he added, are also not coping as they are equally affected on all fronts. 

The health ministry, Kanyentu urged, should explore appropriate measures that will protect both teachers and learners from further exposure and infections, such as equipping schools with the necessary protective gear.

“We encourage teachers and learners to take up vaccination and protect themselves against the virus as the reopening of schools means congregations in large numbers that has been a breeding ground of infection,” he said.


Julia Heita

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