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A Feast-full Easter For The Less Fortunate

By: Julia Heita

A group of volunteers from the Kaigo-sha house foundation hosted an Easter Fun day for children from the Tobias Hainyeko constituency at the Children Life Center (orphanage) this past Easter weekend.

The NGO hosted and fed over 100 children.

Kaigo-Sha is a Namibian registered NGO founded by Hendrina Kudhinglililwa and Sauma Jason in 2021. It aims to build a shelter for malnourished children.

The NGO’s team said they chose the Easter holiday because, during holidays, children are not supposed to spend time wishing for different things but instead spend it knowing that they are not alone and, no matter the circumstances, they are loved and cared for.

“The Easter story explains the ascension of Jesus into heaven when Jesus was reunited with his father and creator.”

The founder of Kaigo-sha, Hendrina Kudhinglililwa, said the aim was to see children laugh, play and smile.

“People talk about celebrating holidays like Easters, while some children can only wish they could get toys, gifts, sweets, etc., so we decided to be their bunny during this Easter holiday and meet their hopes halfway.”

Windhoek West Constituency councillor Emma Muteka, who was also a volunteer at the event, said that there is much power in the words people say to children, and as powerful as moments and memories created for them.

Muteka said she dreams of a Namibia where we prioritise these innocent souls so they can feel safe, both mentally and physically.

“Where we all pull in to assist people in one way or the other to make sure that we indeed deliver on the promises we make to them. And make no mistake, this very generation will hold us accountable,” she expressed.

Professional chef Juliana Jason who volunteered to use her cooking skills and services during the event, said the event was a lot of fun.

“It was my first time spending Easter with so many kids, and I had a lot of fun cooking because the environment was so positive.”

Jason said the sight of children running around with such delight, laughter, and enthusiasm for all of the activities that took place would be remembered for the rest of their lives.

“It was unquestionably a happy Easter.”

Legal Secretary from event sponsor virtual technology, Hilma Atindi, said the event was a success and a great initiative.

“It is always great to give back to the community and uplift the youth. I am proud of Kaigo-Sha for taking a chance on themselves and helping little children in Namibia.”

Atindi said kindness goes a long way, and it takes a special person to extend themselves and make a difference.

“I hope Virtua Technologies, in partnership with Kaigo-Sha, can continue to make life better for the less fortunate. I was very happy to be part of something big and truly generous,” she said.

Julia Heita

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