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The Chinese, who owns a construction company that was stormed by some AR Movement members on Monday, has admitted that there was some mistreatment of workers.

Howard Yang, who spoke on behalf of Zhou Jiahua, owner of Jiahua Construction, admitted to the allegations and said they are going to change the working conditions.

“I only received some of the information regarding the events. We will ensure that an approach will be explored as we appreciate that all parties should be happy in this relationship of employer and employee,” Yang said.

Yang is a friend to Jiahua who owns the Jiahua Construction based in Windhoek.

Jiahua, who not good at English, spoke through Yang about the employment contracts for some of the workers.

“Some of the workers indicated that they have been employed at the company for eight years but do not have contracts in place.

“The contracts will be finalised as soon as possible for both sides to move on,” Yang added.

Yang said that a performance structure will be implemented that will have a rewarding system for the employees based on their output.

Asked on the way forward, Yang stressed that a peaceful resolution for both sides has to be reached that will allow for a new start.

“I have spoken to Jiahua, who will set up a system that will identify one workers’ representative to be the voice of the workforce and be the channel of communication between management and the workers,” Yang said.

Yang noted that no one will be fired as an act of revenge for what happened yesterday, as Jiahua has been in the country for about 20 years and has established good working relations.

One of the workers, Fillemon Natangwe, said they decided to report to the AR Movement because of the bad working conditions and disrespect from the employer.

“We work with glass but do not have any safety gear,” Natangwe said.

“We also require safety gear as we work with very dangerous materials and equipment. And the conditions we work under have to be improved for safety,” Natangwe said.

Natangwe said he has been part of the company since 2014.


AR’s George Kambala said that they are going to come for all the businesses that are mistreating employees.

“This is not publicity stunts. There are no stunts, action was performed and results were received,” said Kambala at Jiahua Construction this morning after getting a letter from the owner promising better working circumstances.



Kambala said the Revolutionary Union will destroy businesses that disregard its employee’s human rights.

“We are coming for you and we will destroy your business. If you don’t think of other people, why we should care about you?” he questioned.

Kambala said they will return to the company to finalise the agreements with the employer and employees of Jiahua constructions.

Kambala also stressed that black employers are gurus of ‘salve tactics’ when it comes to employees.

“The colonial tactics are performed and executed by fellow black Namibians.”

He further assured that the movement will tag all employers regardless of status.

“No matter who you are, we are coming for you! There is no one under the sun that is going to be left untouched.


Speaking to The Villager today, Kambala called on businesses to fix their working conditions before the union is launched.

“You should start correcting your blunders that you been infringing for the past years. Once we get hold of those blunders, your Q7s and your range rovers that you have been enjoying, we will ensure the bank will come posses those nonsense because you are mistreating people,” he said.

According to him, the Chinese have been enjoying boardroom politics with unions.

“It won’t be the same with us because, if we want change, we need to shake things up a bit,” he explained.

Speaking on the topic of Jiahua constructions, Kambala said their approach has seen actions and the employees have agreed to certain terms.

“Had it been for the tea and coffee approach, we could have been talking relations and that is Netumbo’s business to deal with and how to keep the Chinese happy.”


Julia Heita

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