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… as family seek answers
A famous businessman from Okahandja, Fillemon Erastus who, according to the health ministry and international relations officials, died of Covid-19 in Congo Brazzaville actually died after being hit in the head with a blunt object, it has come out.
Erastus’ body was stuck in Congo Brazzaville for a month and 11 days as health ministry and diplomatic officials maintained that he was a Covid-19 victim and thus could not be repatriated unless cremated.
Eagle FM has seen correspondence from these officials together with an independent doctor’s report from Congo which even pointed out that he had died of Malaria.
It was this report which created confusion and saw the family refusing to cremate, insisting that they wanted their loved one back intact.
The family was ultimately allowed to bring back Erastus after regulations changed.
However, an autopsy carried out in Namibia, whose results Eagle FM has gleaned on, has found out that he was hit with an object.
The family is pointing to murder.
Investigations are said to have commenced, spanning Namibia and Congo Brazzaville as the family struggles to come to terms with what befell Erastus when he left for Congo and why officials treated him as a Covid victim.
“We did a postmortem and we found out that my father was beaten on the head three times, one on the left, one on the right, and the middle of the head. It is murder.
“We are very disappointed in our Namibian authorities because they are the ones that were saying it was Covid and we should cremate only to find out he was murdered,” said the deceased’s daughter, Emily Erastus.
She suspects that a gold syndicate could have pounced on her father as she was into mining business in the Congo.

Julia Heita

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