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Who remembers the name of this guy who announced his resignation from Swapo last week?

Mbeuta Ua-Ndjarakana! Ja, that is him. Mbeuta Ua-Ndjarakana! The information ministry executive director. The one who left Swapo and Swapo appears not to have noticed.

Mbeuta Ua-Ndjarakana. That is him. Mbeuta Ua-Ndjarakana. The one who did the Mbeutic act and Swapo remained Un-Ua-Ndjarakanad.

I was trying to recall if he ever he called for a press conference in recent times to address other issues apart from his resignation.

And I remembered, yes. He had one recent infamous speech in March this year when Covid-19 had landed on Namibian shores.

He said something like Namibians have lived through Aids for all these decades and nothing, not even Covid-19 was going to scare them.

You know what? Mbeuta was right after all. Because Swapo has lived through resignations and nothing – not even his own resignation – can scare the party.

In case, Swapo people mistake what I am saying as support for them, please give me a break. I am talking about Mbeuta here. Your name just crept in courtesy of him.

The thing here is: what exactly did Mbeuta want to do with announcing his resignation from Swapo? Shake the foundation of the new building before Sophia Shaningwa settled in and lined-up the bathroom window sill with perfumes and face powders? Or whatever women line-up their bathroom walls with?

There is no doubt that the genocide issue is a very serious matter. It is an emotive matter that touches not only the direct descendants but every African here in Namibia and continent wise. Of course, if that African is still an African at heart and in spirit.

I am also not sure how deeply Mbeuta has been touched or is affected by the whole genocide issue.

If indeed his reason for leaving Swapo after 39 years is the way the Swapo-led government is handling the genocide issue, then he deserves to be a hero. He has sacrificed a lot to send a message to the government he serves as an executive director and has served in various capacities. Such sacrifices are not seen every day.

But uhm, uhm, uhm. Guys, the genocide issue could just have been used as an excuse here.

Mbeuta says he had been a Swapo member for 39 years. Now. Look at it this way. Mbeuta’s boss, Emma Inamutila Theofelus, the second-in-command at the information ministry is a child aged just 25. I am not sure how old Mbeuta is.

Don’t you guys think that Mbeuta thought that just like his former boss Stanley Simataa who rose from being an executive director to deputy minister and then to minister him too would go through that process?

Then Emma happened and that could have been eating Mbeuta for all this time but he could not resign from Swapo because of being given such a young woman to be his boss. Not only is Emma a young woman, but one who is also younger than the time Mbeuta spent in Swapo.

This simply means that Mbeuta could have been unhappy all this time with Swapo for not recognizing his contribution in 39 years and reward him just like they rewarded others who served as permanent secretaries now called executive directors?

Well, there is an issue or issues with genocide but come on now guys, one would have thought that Mbeuta would not only give back his Swapo card but everything that Swapo made possible for him to get – including that executive director’s job. He could not have been sitting in that office had he not been a Swapo members for 39 years.

You might say this is far-fetched but guys remember too that in some cultures men have remained men and women must always take their positions as women.



Julia Heita

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