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The Dr. Panduleni Itula-led Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) has been rattled with fresh mass resignations that have seen 12 leave the party on the same day.
Of those that have quit are the founding chairperson for the Ruacana branch Imms Shikongo, founding committee branch member, Paulus Petrus as well as Shikongo Augusto, Shikongo Linea, Shikongo Rauna, Sakeus Isak, Johannes Petrus, Mumbalu Anna, Mebevale Veronica, Venasiu Leena and Salomon Antonio.
They have unanimously slammed Dr. Itula for being a dictator whom they have accused of arbitrary decisions.
“We have decided to resign from the party because of the following reasons, there is no democracy in IPC, all they do is what the commanders feed the Chief Patriot. There is just a cycle of friends in the leadership and the rest are not important. Omusati IPC is too tribalist, they don’t consider other tribes apart from Aawambo, with Ruacana consisting of 70% of non Oshiwambo. The leadership is 100% Wambo,” they have said.
They claim that the IPC used them during campaigns before dumping them.
They allege that the list of councillors at Ruacana was changed to suit certain individuals “that have a romantic relationship with the regional commander”.
They have also said that they thought Dr. Itula had a vision to change the country but found out that he does not have plan.
“We feel it is time to move on to a new opportunity and political home where we can serve our people better,” they have said in a combined statement.

Julia Heita

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