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By: Julia Heita and Justicia Shipena

Sports minister Agnes Tjongarero claimed she was not aware of the Independence Stadium’s condition.

This was during a cleanup day at the stadium led by Tjongarero.

The National Service Staff of the ministry, Sports Commission, National Youth Council and National Youth Service are amongst those that were present.

Tjongarero said people responsible for the stadium never reported the situation to her.

“The media reported, the media showed us that this is the state, so we must do something,” she stressed.

She explained that there is a possibility that her ministry’s officials might have known about the bad condition of the stadium however, did not bring it to her attention.

“I am honest to say that I have seen it already in the beginning of the year and we kept asking; what was happening but all you hear is that there is no money,” she said

Tjongarero also said that she did not have any idea about the ban of Namibia from the Africa FIFA caused by the stadium’s condition and only found out about it through newspapers.

“I am sure there must have been a pre-warning to the NFA which they thought there was no need to inform us, but never mind,” she complained.

Tjongarero said that there is a problem with the fact that the country is enriching South Africa by playing Namibian home games in SA.

“We are trying to see in which time period we can fix everything that needs to be fixed, so we can also have our own games here,” she expressed.

She also noted the terrible condition of the stadium and said it needs renovation.

“There is a list of things that we need to work on, like toilets and so on.”

When contacted by The Villager for a comment, Executive Director of Youth and Sports, Audrin Matte said:  “We are at the stadium now. Will attend to it Monday”


We also contacted the acting director of sports, Jo-Ann Manuel but said she was busy coordinating the clean-up.

“There’s someone calling me, call me back after hours,” she said.


Justicia Shipena

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