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By: Kelvin Chiringa

His name is Paul Christian. That is who the man who demonstrated naked at the ombudsman’s offices in Windhoek is called.

He is from Walvis Bay, where he has also demonstrated in the nude whenever he had something to communicate.

On Monday, Christian brought his antics to Windhoek where he attracted some attention.

Although Christian stripped naked, he kept his mask on in honour of Covid-19.

In Windhoek, Christian just squatted by the wall as if he was not attracting any attention.

When he was done passing on the naked message, he packed up his stuff and walked away – peacefully.

Indeed, Christian is known for making such peaceful naked statement at Walvis Bay.

The port town mayor Trevino Forbes told The Villager that Christian was famous at the municipality for passing on naked communications whenever he had burning issues.

“He never threatens to harm anyone. Christian is very peaceful. He just has this tendency, if he gets upset, of stripping naked in front of the municipality.

“No, we speak to him. As I said, he is harmless. When he has a problem, no matter what it is, he undresses himself and then we speak to him and we resolve the problem then he dresses himself,” he said.

Erongo governor Andre Neville said they also know Paul Christian.

“We know the man; we are aware of him. He is from Walvis Bay. What we know is that he used to stay in Tutaleni, another location in Kuisebmund but then the information we received is that he sold his erf where he was staying in Tutaleni. But last year he received an erf at farm 37.

“He is not a fire victim at Twaloloka. But he always attended activities for example when we had the ground breaking for the construction of houses at Otweya, he was there as a member of the community but he is somebody known by the community members yet he has not been staying at Twaloloka,” the governor said.

He said despite his protest at the office of the Ombudsman in Windhoek, he was not on the list of the Twaloloka housing project because he was not a fire victim.

However, despite making his frustrations known to the Ombudsman, Christian never approached authorities in his region first to get redress on the matter, said the governor.

“This person did not come to our office to complain about his not being part of Otweya because he is not a fire victim. In terms of the allegations of corruption, we always tell the people that we have a committee that has always been there with the municipality to look into the list which has been sent to central government to look into the issues and that has been verified. It is based on that that we finalised the list. So, it was done with consultation with different stakeholders with regards to the project of Otweya,” he said.

Others who know Christian from the ghetto said he is a very smart man. They also said Christian was once in jail.

Christian is said to have a habit of not keeping phones and of changing numbers.

It is for this reason that The Villager could not get hold of Christian.




Kelvin Chiringa

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