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One of the fathers of the twins that were refused Namibian citizenship due to the fact that they belonged to a same-sex couple, has now expressed joy at their being granted travel documents.
Speaking to Eagle FM this afternoon, Philip Luhl said, “It is definitely a very welcome development and it is exactly what we had originally asked the ministry to do, months ago, which they had fought for the longest time and now they are issuing those documents in exactly the way that we requested. It took so much money, energy and court action to get to that position”.
Luhl now wants his Mexican husband to be allowed to stay in Namibia as they continue to fight for the citizenship of their children.
This has come with the change of guard at the ministry which is now in the hands of Albert Kawana who took over from Frans Kapofi.
The children were born via a surrogate mother who nurtured donated eggs which got fertilized by the couple’s sperm in South Africa.
Home Affairs is asking for genetic tests to figure out the biological connection of the twins to their fathers.
The matter has divided opinion, sparked protest action and put on the podium; Namibia’s continues struggle whether to recognize same sex couples.
A high court case on this theme is expected to play out this week before a full panel of judges, right in the week, the LGBTQ plus community commemorated the international day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia.
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Julia Heita

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