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One of the vehicles in the Swapo convoy is said to have hit and injured a five-year-old girl in Choto compound at Katima Mulilo on Thursday.

The girl’s grandfather Michael Simasiku told The Villager on Tuesday that the girl has a broken ankle.

He also said that there were about 10 vehicles in the convoy celebrating the victory of the Swapo Party’s retaining of the Katima Mulilo council seat.

Simasiku said the girl was hit while crossing the road and that only the driver who was driving the vehicle that hit the girls stopped while others went past.

According to the grandfather, the girl spent four days in hospital.

A witness said that some of the Swapo big wigs who were in the convoy are the Zambezi governor Lawrence Sampofu, Swapo secretary general Sophia Shaningwa, Swapo executive director Austin Samupwa, and the gender minister Doreen Sioka.

According to Simasiku, the driver took the injured child to hospital and told them later that he had reported himself to the police.

The Zambezi region police spokesperson deputy commissioner Evans Simasiku, however, said there was no such case of a child who was hit by a car that was part of the Swapo convoy.

The child’s grandfather said they had been waiting for the police to contact them regarding the accident but until now nothing has happened.

Samupwa said he was not aware of such an incident.

Staff Writer

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