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A former independent candidate for Gobabis Constituency, Jermano Jeraldo Eiseb, is suing footballer Marley Ngarizemo over comment made on a Facebook page.

Ngarizemo is said to have posted on the WhatsApp group called Namibia Football news about how Eiseb was sodomised in jail.

This incident happened on or about 23 August 2020.

Ngarizemo is also said to have uploaded Eiseb’s case records.

When one of the group members asked Ngarizemo why he kept on posting about Eiseb, he allegedly said:

“A criminal that works with people’s daughters. It’s high risk guy, he was in jail for abusing woman and attempted murder so how can we allow such a person amongst us?”

Eiseb says that Ngarizemo posted these words on a platform where high profile people among them the NFA president, and the football secretary general are members.

According to Eiseb, his reputation was degraded and humiliated and damaged, especially considering that this happened when he was taking part in the national elections as an independent candidate for the Gobabis constituency.

For the humiliation, injury to self-esteem, reputation and discomfort he suffered, Eiseb wants N$20 000.

Eiseb also wants another N$5 000 for the damages, degradation and violation of constitutional right article 8(2)(b), article 10(2).

Julia Heita

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