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By: Julia Heita

Swapo secretary-general Sophia Shaningwa denied being involved in a leaked WhatsApp group conversation between her and former education minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, saying she had not spoken to her.

Hanse-Himarwa confirmed to The Villager newspaper that she had the conversation with Shaningwa on the Politburo and Central Committee WhatsApp group on Saturday.

This Saturday, the two took on each other on the Swapo political bureau and central committee WhatsApp group over Phil ya Nangolo’s welcome

press conference, which was scheduled for Monday.

Shaningwa said that someone from the party is working with the media and is leaking this information.

“Whoever this person is that is transferring information from discussions from the political bureau and central committee page to tell me where those words are”

Shaningwa said that the screenshots seen were statements fixed to be told by her.

“We never had physical telecommunication with Katrina and only exchanged words with her on the group,”

She said that all the screenshots are blatant lies, and she challenged anyone that would provide actual screenshots of the conversations.

“People must stop getting credit on Sophia Shaningwa name; it must come to an end,” she lashed out.

Shaningwa said that she has been using her cell phone and number for over 25 years.

“I am challenging you today to give me screenshots because I have never spoken to comrade Katrina Hanse-Himarwa,” she stressed.

Hanse-Himarwa confirmed to The Villager newspaper about having the conversation but said there was a paragraph stating, “I have to be

brutally honest, and I would expect the same. Not in a day I ever doubted your leadership. You are a mother to all as far as Swapo is concerned. Recent developments of the party releasing a press to announce the welcoming of Phiri Ya Nangolo does not sit well with me. Phiri (sic) is known for his double-sided way of living. He is a well-known critic of the founding father, and yes, we know what plan was; he always pushing against the founding.”

She said she did not say this, and Shaningwa must be questioned about where the statement arose.

She added that Shaningwa posted the statement on the Central Committee WhatsApp group but has no idea who sent her the paragraph.

When questioned about her relationship with Shaningwa, Hanse-Himarwa said there is no feud between the two.

“The messages and the engagement are not about feuds or fighting, and it is an engagement on principles. Based on the welcoming conference, I asked if it was true, and if it is true, I asked why?”

At the same event, the ruling party SG said that Ya Nangoloh would have to apologize for utterances he has made against the founding President Sam Nujoma and the party in general.

Julia Heita

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