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Namibian Exiled Kids Association (NEKA) ex-president Benitha Nakaambo has criticized a High-Court court decision to overturn a cabinet resolution that favours struggle children.
Speaking to Eagle FM on the Early Morning Scoop, Nakaambo slammed Ombudsman John Walters who fought the cabinet decision in court saying he is seeking to be popular.
”For me this Ombudsman is really dealing with this issue from… they need to be dealing with the root course of the issue. How many years down the line after the directive was given? It makes no sense. Clearly someone here is looking for popularity and looking for some of substance in what they do because clearly they cant seem to do anything better. In my opinion, even before i left NEKA, the directive was set during the time when Hon. Nahas Angula was Prime Minister. Which was the right thing to do anyways, because Swapo government has the responsibility to do that and they needed to do that, literally correcting themselves for something they should have done already,” she said.
Nakaambo said there was no chance of winning the case if the struggle children were to appeal the ruling by the high court.
Meanwhile, retired politician, Vetaruhe Kandorozu said the high court decision was victory for many Namibians who were set to be discriminated against in public employment.
”I think this is the victory for Namibian youth. It is a breakthrough that we have gained in a very short term through the high court ruling. I think now the young people of Namibia, irrespective of their political affiliation, liberation struggle credentials, whatever issue they have, i think now they have been given a fair platform to compete,” said the former Okakarara councilor.

Julia Heita

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